How to Have More Self-Confidence with Women

How to Have More Self-Confidence with Women

Self confidence is one of the most important traits you can posses, especially if you’re looking to attract more women. Self confidence is simply being comfortable being you, knowing that you are good enough and that you have something to offer others. How to Have More Self-Confidence With Women can change that for you.

Most men struggle with self confidence issues, which is all the more reason to work on improving them. If you can manage to boost your self-confidence, you’ll be ahead in the race of attracting more women. Women will just naturally be drawn to you.

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Tips for Improving Your Confidence and Getting More Women


Remove Negative Thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive for true self confidence. Don’t let negative thoughts control your thinking. When you think positively you deactivate portions of the brain that hinder confidence. This part of the brain encourages fear and fear is the enemy of self confidence.

Face your fears. Anything new and different brings about fear and since fear is the emy of confidence, you must face your fear and conquer it. It’s amazing what happens when you face your fear. The minute you do, the fear subsides and a new boldness takes its place, which will, in turn, encourage self confidence.

Focus on what you have that is similar with the women you want to meet. Any time that you feel unsure about yourself, especially when it comes to women, just focus on learning about the women you’re interested in.Find a point of common ground, something that you can both relate to, and start a conversation. Focus your attention on her and nothing but her when you talk to her. It’s amazing how much your confidence will improve as you talk with her. Compliment her. But not too often. That makes your compliments cheap. Everyone like compliments, particularly women, especially when they’re genuine. That’s why too many compliments cheapen them.

Practice being confident. A great way to do this is to randomly walk up to a girl and start talking to her. It won’t matter if the conversation doesn’t go well (assuming the girl doesn’t mean anything to you). And once you do it, you’ll realize that it wasn’t so hard and will feel more confident. If you have any female friends, try talking to them. You might get some solid (girl) advice, as well as see if they can tell whether you’re trying too hard or not.

Work on your appearance with exercise. This doesn’t mean that you look fat and ugly. But cleaning up, wearing clean clothes or even hitting the gym is a great way to boost how you look, not to mention how you feel. It’s a double edged sword. Exercise is that magic bullet that not only boosts self confidence, it also changes your body chemistry to help not only your body but your brain as well. Your brain is the start of all things relating to your self confidence, so you’ll end up being more confident in how you look, which will attract girls. And you’ll look better too, as a result of  working out — this also attracts women. It’s a win-win.

Very little is more important as having self confidence. So if you’re lacking in this area, you’ll definitely want to put in the effort to improve it. And once you start, your confidence will continue to build on itself. Soon you’ll be a confident man, capable of attracting and picking up anyone you desire.

But don’t take my word for it. Learn from the masters. Click on the image to complete your journey!

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Change Your Life

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