Tips to Gain More Self Confidence With Women

Gain More Self Confidence With Women

If you’re one of those who’s always  shy and an introverted when you’re around females, chances are, you’re looking for ways to build your self confidence with women. The most common problem which guys have around women is that they believe they’re simply not good enough for that woman. And that is more than likely, the root cause of their rejection.   This is because when you’re worried you’re not good enough, you end up projecting a poor self image which will  tell most any woman that you’re not that great of a prospect for a mate. Women are more tuned into the image a man projects with his actions and emotions. Who would go for a guy who doesn’t think much of himself?

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It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an inflated ego but most women hate arrogant, narcissistic men, so you need to project the image that you’re comfortable in your own skin! Here are 5 tips for you to gain self-confidence with women! Armed with these, it would be really hard to go wrong!

Ground Rules For More Self Confidence With Women

Relax – When you are around girls or the girl of your dreams, you need to learn to relax. Easier said than done I know, but you can try to concentrate on your posture and try relaxing your tense muscles. The last thing you want to do is to think about what you can’t do. Instead, think about what you can do.

 : A beautiful man and woman holding each other with love self confidence with womenWhen thinking about what you can’t do, you’re letting fear enter into the equation, which is the last thing you want to happen. Fear is the opposite of confidence. It’s its enemy. The two can’t co-exist. So keep in mind what you’re good at doing, whether it’s playing a video game, sports, or even doing homework, think of your feelings when you’re doing that particular thing and transfer that confidence to your approach with women.

Smile – When you’re approaching her, smile and have no preconceptions of her reactions. Don’t expect that she’s going to say yes to you and more importantly, don’t expect that she is going to refuse you! Your only goal at this point is to learn more about her. A smile is a sign of confidence. It’s the first that a woman sees and it speaks volumes about the confidence you bring with you.

Build More Self Confidence With Women

If you’re serious about gaining more self-confidence with women and not just around women, you should try taking interest in a special woman to increase your knowledge and understanding of her. This will build up your relationship with her. Nothing works better than this. This helps you stay in a positive frame of mind and that reflects a confident attitude when you’re talking to women.

Try taking Yoga. Yoga is especially nice when you take a class, because one of the best places to meet women is in a yoga class. Usually around 85%-90% of the class are women which make it a great place to practice building your self confidence with women.

Stay Positive – Whenever you’re around women, instead of thinking negatively (about all your bad qualities), think positively of all your good qualities, your strengths so to speak. This will make you feel more comfortable and at ease and it is a well-known fact that women like easy-going guys!

Beware of this through as you don’t want to boast about your good qualities, as that’s a sign of arrogance and most women are turned off by arrogance. Quiet confidence in your good qualities are a much better sign of your inner strengths.

No Doubts – Last but not least, don’t let self doubts enter your mind when you are about to approach her. Don’t spend hours debating on whether you should or your shouldn’t. JUST DO IT. And do it before all those negative thoughts come rushing into your head! Negativity is the enemy of confidence because it brings on fear. Remember, fear and confidence can’t co-exist. The first step is often the hardest to take, but after you do, it becomes easier with every step thereafter.

Gaining more self-confidence with women is not that hard, you just need to stay calm and most importantly, enjoy her company. Instead of deprecating  yourself all the time, try appreciating yourself. You’ll be amazed at the results!


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