Primary Destroyer

of Confidence, Contentment, and Civility;








Fear is not only a destroyer of confidence, it destroys contentment and security as well. That means one cannot have true security when they live their lives in fear. One cannot be content when they are in fear. Search your feelings. You know this to be true. After all, fear is our most basic emotion. It even drives our hunger. It’s a primal emotion meant for nothing more than to keep us alive. Fear is not an emotion to toy with like some inexperienced politicians do.  This means that you always need to be on your guard with people who espouse fear and use it for personal gain.  (They think that fear is a tool to be used on any and all who will succumb to it. That means that those who do succumb to it are also tools, waiting to be used.)

The question I want to ask is when does this primal emotion stop helping us and start hurting us? My answer to that is when it holds you back from achieving what you’re meant to achieve. When it starts to keep you from seeing the truth because you would rather believe a lie because it’s more dramatically stated or it fits your preconceived notions. It holds you back when the truth becomes clouded unsubstantiated in claims meant to drive fear. This is the true nature of evil, for this is pure evil manifested in our world. Driving fear of any unsubstantiated claim is as criminal and evil as anyone can do. That begs the question, how do you counteract this evil? What can one do to fight this evil/fear? Yes, I’m equating fear with evil because it is. It’s what destroys our dreams. It destroys our lives. It’s always destroyed our peace and it always will. What else would you call something this destructive? It’s defining factor is its product of pure evil.

What do you fear? What scares you more than anything else? What shakes your foundation down to the bone? Do you know why it scares you? Have you rationalized your fear or simply justified it? Have you ever wondered about its cause? Do you know why this fear terrifies you like it does? Is this fear that’s been instilled in you something to be anxious about or should you be concerned about or is it something to be stressed about it?  Is it something to worry about, or is it something to dwell on and make a phobia out of, or is it something to be rationally afraid of, or is it an irrational phobia or, or is it a downright terror? Does this fear become a Phobia because of its tendency to linger? Is that healthy? Is any of it healthy?

When does your anxiety become a concern?  When does your concern become stress? When does your stress become a worry? When does your worry become rational fear? When does it become an irrational fear? When does it become a phobia? When does it become downright terror? When does it become a horror? Or when do you make it a horror?

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Can You Abate Irrational Fear?

Can your fear be abated? Or do you let it eat at you? If you let it eat at you, have you tried to rationalize it? Or do you simply justify it? Are you justifications valid? Or are they manufactured by an overactive imagination? What would happen if you did abate your fear?  Can it be controlled? Will it change any outcome? Will it change your attitude? Will that have an effect on your hormones? You know that fear affects your hormones, don’t you? Do you know what this fear does to your body chemistry? Do you know how it changes your hormones? Do you know how those hormones affect your body? Do you know how those hormones affect your brain? Do you know how those hormones affect your behavior and actions? Do you know how those hormones affect your decisions or reasoning? Do you know how those hormones affect your perceptions? Do you know how those hormones affect your judgment?

What do you do with a concern? What do you do when it becomes stress? What do you do when it becomes a worry? What do you do when it becomes a rational fear? What do you do when it becomes an irrational fear? What do you do when it becomes a phobia? I define a phobia as a fear that’s become an obsession. What do you do when your fear becomes downright terror? Do you let it overtake you or do you try to control it? Do you realize that what you fear may fear you more? Do you realize that sometimes fear is the only thing you need to fear? Do you realize that if you can’t do anything about your fear, there’s no point in fearing it?

What do you blame for the rampant expression of fear these days? Why do you blame that? Who do you blame for it? Why do you blame them? Do you have to listen to this rampant expression of fear? Does it make you angry? Why do you think it’s promoted like it is? Is it to make you angry? Is to make you afraid? You do know that fear and anger go together, don’t you? Did you know that they trigger the same hormones in your body? Did you know that these hormones do long-term damage to your body? If long-term stress will damage your body, what does long-term worry or rational fear do to it? Do you allow this fear to control you? Or do you control it? Has fear been used on you? For what purpose was it used? Did you approve of it? Do you trust people who use fear as a tool? Have you used fear as a tool? If terrorists use fear as a tool, what separates you from a terrorist?

Can you do or say anything about the spreading of fear? What effect do you think that would have? Would it be positive or negative? Who would benefit? Who would hurt? Do news agencies have to continue to spread fear to convey their message? Does that make them purveyors of fear? What do those who chose to pursue this have to gain? What is their motivation?

Should all wrongs be avenged?

If you take action, do you realize that whatever action you take because of your fear, will come back on you? Who benefits from your actions? Are you aware of how history will view you, for taking this action? Are your actions for personal gain? Are your actions for political gain? Are your actions for religious gain? If your actions are for religious gain, do you think your actions will canonize you in your religion? Are you one of those who has visions of grandeur? Is that why you take your action?

Do you take action against others because of fear? Is this fear rational or irrational? Or is it just a worry or something to stress about? Are your actions for vengeance? Is your vengeance justified? What justifies it? Do you fear the consequences your actions will bring? Have you been able to put yourself in the other’s shoes, to see and feel what they see and feel? Do you act because you have to or because you want to? Is your action a reaction? If so, what is it you’re reacting to? What is it that validates your actions or reactions? Why does that validate your actions and reactions? Are those validations for personal, political or religious purposes or gains? Who benefits and who does it harm? In what ways are others aided, hampered or harmed by your fear? How are you aided, hampered or harmed by your fear?

When you decide to take action, who are you going to take action against? Why that person or entity? What will be the long-term consequences? What will be the short-term consequences? Who will that effect? Do you think about these things when you feel any of these fears? Do you think that other people do? Do you think that other people should consider these things when appraising their fear?

Do you use fear as a tool, yourself? If so, what separates you from a terrorist? Don’t you both use fear as a tool to achieve your goals? Is it the degree that you use fear that differentiates you from a terrorist? At what point does your application of fear, that’s being used for personal or political gain, become a terror and when do you become a terrorist? Isn’t one man’s terrorist another man’s revolutionist? No. Terrorists cannot be revolutionists. Revolutionists don’t purposely kill innocent people whereas terrorists do. Are certain actions necessary or just threats needed to be considered terrorism?

 One definition of terrorism: the active use of threats to spread irrational fear.

Does provoking fear, create anger? Yes, it does. It almost always does. What happens to your emotions when you’re scared? What kind of fear provokes the worst anger? Is anger an emotion that should be experienced while making decisions of state, that will affect the world? Does a leader who provokes fear in all, make a better leader? Can that leader listen to dissension about his leading with provoking fear? If he/she can’t, is that an indication of the kind of leading they’re responsible for?

If we’re to conquer terrorism, don’t we have to conquer fear? Terror’s primary target is those in fear. If we’re to conquer fear, can’t we keep creating fear in our newscasts simply for the sake of bringing in and keeping viewers for bigger ratings? What newscast in your opinion spreads the most fear? Which one spreads the least fear? Is their purpose to seek greater ratings only, or do they have political motivations for using fear as a tool? What differentiates them from terrorists?

Newscasts always have to incite a little fear to bring the viewer in and then again right before they go to commercial to bring the viewer back after the commercial break. Actually, they’re just trying to crease concern but a concern is a type of fear, albeit the lowest form of fear, it’s still a fear. Otherwise, they’ll lose their viewer during the commercial. In doing this, they’re creating fear where none exists, simply to retain their viewer’s attention. This is where the many of unnecessary fears start, many times. They’re blown out of proportion to gain viewership and when other newscasts pick up on it because of the interest it peaked, they often become full blown phobias.

Too often, it seems, that irrational fear is thrust upon us for personal or political gain. Politicians use it to command millions of ignorant people to do what they would not ordinarily do when they’re not in fear. Fear makes you do crazy things sometimes, simply because they seem sensible. Fear can’t allow you to be sensible. Fear itself is often irrational. How can anything irrational lead to sensible acts?

Usually, it’s simply fear of the unknown. Even our worst fear, fear of death is nothing more than fear of the unknown. When one doesn’t know what lies around the corner, hesitation, then trepidation tend to arise. Of course, war zones are far worse than city streets, but the danger exists in both. If it’s a corner we’re familiar with the fear is less, simply because we know what’s there.

When anyone asks me what scares me, I say people who are afraid. I’m scared of people who run around being afraid of what they’re told to fear when it’s the fear itself that they should fear. Wasn’t it FDR who said in his inaugural speech “fear is the only thing we have to fear”? He was trying to thwart a run on the banks right after the depression, but it applies more today than it did in the depression. Can you see that the simple expression of fear validates terrorist’s actions because that’s their goal? Can you see where this forces terrorists to continue their practice of terrorism, simply because it works? Is it that hard to understand that if a tactic doesn’t work, you change it? Is it then hard to understand that if a certain tactic works you continue using it? Doesn’t it make sense to not allow a tactic to work to make it impotent? Doesn’t it make sense to not allow fear to cloud the judgment? Fear drives people to do crazy things that they would never do if the fear never existed. Rationality exits the room when fear enters. It’s been said that fear is a disease that you can either control or it controls you. Which would you prefer? If you let it control you, when do you become a slave to your irrational fear? Is that freedom? Can you truly be free while being afraid?  This also tells me that those who are the angriest are the most afraid and thereby are much closer to being a terrorist than anybody else of a saner nature.

When attacked by irrational fear, all reasonable thinking goes right out the door with it leaving all those in fear, subject to the control of their emotions, which puts them in direct control of their hormones. Fear makes us all do things we’d rather not do when we not afraid. Fear conjures hormones that influence our behavior in ways that many times are detrimental not only to ourselves but to others in our home or community. Yet, there are some entities around the world who believe that spreading fear is the best way to promote their agenda.

More often than not, fear manifests itself in anger, so as to appear not afraid. We all know how rationally we think when we’re angry. This is what makes fear so dangerous; its propensity to emotionally move into anger and when it does that, the damage it manifests is too often, deadly because of that it then, often, moves into antagonism where it really does damage. This is especially true if the fear is an irrational fear.

Those who enjoy this kind of behavior are nothing more than bullies. I can remember dealing with them in grade school. Something I learned in grade school is that you don’t bow do bullies. Once people start expressing fear the bully know that his tactics are working.

This makes me wonder about all who use fear to achieve their goals. Is anyone who uses fear to achieve their goals a terrorist? If so, what does that make our Republican Party? They’re experts at using fear to achieve their goals. They’ve taught the world how to use fear to achieve unreachable goals. This makes me wonder if a political party is so willing to use fear to achieve its goals, does that mean that they’ll use terrorism also? Isn’t terrorism the enemy? Doesn’t that make fear the enemy? Doesn’t that mean that those who use fear to achieve their goals are enemies to American ideals?

One thing that nobody talks about when the subject of fear comes up, how fear is tied to your hunger cycle and believe it or not, controlling your hunger cycle can go miles in controlling your fear. That’s detailed in the books below. What I talk about is how our food-and-drug industry have created a food that creates and worsens this hunger cycle and in doing so, they’ve increased your fear. But, you need to read Ultimate Cure for the World, the fourth book in my 8 book series to fully understand that.

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How to Boost Confidence in Public Speaking

How to Boost Confidence in Public Speaking

It’s unusual to find people who possess excellent oratory skills and still be timid in front of a crowd. Those with the great skills are the ones who’ve been practicing for a lot longer. The more you practice the more confidence in public speaking you’ll gain.


But what if you’ve never done it? How are you going to build enough confidence to get on stage and say your first words? A quality such as confidence in public speaking skills can only be achieved by doing it. Here are some tips that can help you gain this confidence in public speaking.

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The first step towards confidence in public speaking before large audiences, must be to able to speak confidently before yourself. Once you have prepared your speech, stand in front of the mirror and speak. Look and listen to yourself, your expressions, the movement of your hands and the way you appear while speaking. If there is something that you do not like about your own style of speaking or presentation, this is the best time to make changes and correct it!


Another tool to boost confidence in public speaking is to record your voice, or your speech, and then listen to it carefully. Watch out for any undulations, grammar or vocabulary mistakes, and inflections in tone that you might need to rectify. It might help to make a friend or mentor listen to the recording as well, and help you point out the areas that require correction.


If you do have someone who can listen to your recording, have them listen to your speech, as you speak, as well. Speaking in front of one person, whom you trust and feel comfortable with, can be a big boost to your confidence. It doesn’t matter if his person is a friend, parent, sibling, or mentor. It just needs to be anyone who will give you their honest judgment.


Take your confidence to the next level by speaking next in front of a small gathering of friends, family members or peer group. This should further help you enhance your speaking skills and result in some unbiased criticism.


While you progress from one step to the other as you attempt to master public speaking, do remember that you might receive some candid criticism on your style, vocabulary or grammar. Since the people giving the opinion would be from a group that you trust and who seek your success as much as you do, be open to any comments. In fact, pay close heed to their remarks and try and correct your speech according to them.


Soon enough, you will experience the change in your level of confidence. So, go on, shed the fear and get yourself those accolades in public speaking that you so greatly deserve!


Basic Public Speaking Certification Course Drastically Improve Your Public Speaking Ability with the Confidence-Boosting, Engagement-Increasing, Results-Oriented Tools, Tips, and Skills Developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

 : Woman giving speech behind microphones during press conference

Basic Public Speaking Certification Course Drastically Improve Your Public Speaking Ability with the Confidence-Boosting, Engagement-Increasing, Results-Oriented Tools, Tips, and Skills Developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

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How to Gain Confidence In Speaking English

If you’re not confident in your English skills and are looking for some tips on how to gain confidence in speaking  English? You are in the right place! I’m will give you three tips on how to do it. If you put them to use, you’ll quickly develop confidence in speaking English!

Dr. Asma Al-Farraj AlKetbi shoeing how easy it is to have confidence in speaking English

How to SOUND GREAT Speaking English by Improving Your Pronunciation and Accent to improve your confidence in speaking English.

Start easy to build confidence in speaking English

The best way to gain confidence in speaking English is to step outside your comfort zone. Even though it creates a little fear, to build your self-confidence, you have to face that fear. Once you do, confidence will start to take its place and before you know it, your fear is gone and your confidence has taken its place. Start with easy things such as talking to yourself or speaking English with your close friends.

Practice, practice, practice to build confidence in speaking English

Practice is a builder of confidence, especially when it comes to confidence in speaking English. The more you practice, the more confident you become. This goes for speaking English or anything else in life. With practice, you won’t have too many problems speaking English even if you don’t speak it very well. Practice increases your skills which in turn increases your confidence in speaking English. To work on your confidence – approach people on the street and do things that are uncomfortable for you, for example, say “hello” to strangers or smile at them. A smile is a hello in every language.

The right approach confidence in speaking English

Develop the right approach to speaking and mistakes. You can’t learn English if you don’t make mistakes and you can’t learn how to speak English if you don’t speak. It doesn’t matter if some people won’t understand you – just smile and say it one more time. Really, nothing bad will happen.

It’s all a matter of how badly you want to learn English. I believe that if you want it badly enough, you’ll put these tips to use and start speaking in no time!

Bonus: Your accent is also very important for confidence in speaking English

If you are afraid of speaking, because you believe that people don’t understand your accent, then visit the


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Gain More Confidence for Public Speaking

Confidence in Public Speaking

 This really says it all for the one who wants to be confidence for public speaking. Preparation is the most important thing you can do to have confidence for public speaking.Dale Carnegie once said, “Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident in public speaking”.

Having Confidence in Public Speaking

The Complete Program, Revised and Updated. Author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” enriches us with his advice on public speaking.

Preparation is The Key To Having Confidence in Public Speaking


Preparation starts with knowledge of your subject which means education of your subject. Educate yourself on what you’re going to speak about. Become an expert on the subject. The more you know about your subject, the more confidence you’ll have when it comes time to present your speech.

Preparation To Having Confidence for Public Speaking Must Include Practice 

To increase your confidence for public speaking, you must practice, practice, practice. Proper preparation must include practice as well as research and education on your subject. You must know your subject inside and out. No buts about it. The more you know about your subject the more confidence you’ll have. I know I mentioned this before, but it’s so important, that it’s worth repeating. Remember, the more you practice the more your confidence for public speaking will increase.

Quell The Fear Keep Your Thoughts Positive To Having Confidence in Public Speaking

Fear is a major roadblock to having confidence in public speaking. “Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world” –  Ralph Waldo Emerson. If we can transform this into something positive, then success will follow us in whatever we do.

Fear of an audience is the biggest reason for the lack of confidence speaking for the public. Research from college and university studies indicate that eighty to ninety percent of all students enrolled in speech class suffer from stage fright at the beginning of the course. So you are not unique in your fear of not having enough confidence in public speaking. You must conquer it to develop your confidence in public speaking.












All people, when they need to speak for the first time on stage, get nervous. Adrenalin is released by the adrenal gland in response to this stress and this puts our bodies in a “fight or flight” mode. Your body is getting ready to go into action. Your mind will be able to think quicker, talk more fluently and for the most part, will pro-act with greater intensity than under normal conditions.

Many professional speakers never completely lose stage fright. Its always present just before they start speaking, and may persist for the first few minutes of their talk. For them, this actually works as a booster. These people have found a way to face their fear of speaking in public speaking. Some of them thrive off the Adrenalin as endorphins are released in the brain at the same time as Adrenalin and anyone who exercises knows about an endorphin high (joggers high or adrenaline rush). This might be a good point to ponder next time you have to get up and give a speech. You might even find that you enjoy confidence in public speaking


To Having Confidence in Public Speaking Visit Our Accent Academy


: Young businesswoman giving speech at podium in auditorium confidence for public speaking

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Confidence for Public Speaking

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Confidence in Public Speaking

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To Have Confidence in Public Speaking requires practice.

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Build Self Confidence With Women

Build Self Confidence With Women

Building self confidence with women is a concern every man has and few men can conquer. Considering that, building self confidence with women is not as tough as it may seem and with a little advice contained within these pages, you can help yourself tremendously.

self confidence with women

You’re the Man! Prove It!!

When it comes to either dating or just dealing with a lady, self-confidence is one of the most important traits a man can possess. Women often equate “self confidence” with success. While many males believe that ladies look for successful men because they have more to offer monetarily, that isn’t always the case. Self-confidence is more appealing because women see it as a sign of security and stability.

Since a secure and stable man is less likely to look for love elsewhere, a man with more self-confidence appears more appealing because he is less likely to seek affection in places other than home. In a romantic relationship that means a guy will probably be less likely to cheat, or change jobs often or get himself into any type of other compromising situations.

Self confidence with women

When it comes to self confidence, it appears there are two kinds of people – those who have it and others who need it. Although on the surface this might be true, everyone to some extent is already “self-confident” in their own area of expertise. Almost all are motivated to find more of it when dealing with women, which would make it a prudent thing to learn how to achieve and build the self-confidence you have.

The very best way to start, especially if you have none, to begin with, is to start with affirmations. You can find them on this site at Motivational Quotes For Affirmations Of Self Confidence. If you just repeat these affirmations to yourself every morning and night, it will change your mindset to increase your self-confidence and you’ll find yourself doing it without realizing it consciously. Continue reading through the posts in this category and the material offered within and before you know it, you’ll be building self confidence with women.

Self confidence with women

Once you start on your affirmations you’ll soon find out that your self confidence in women is going to build and grow on its own without you having to consciously try all the time to keep increasing it. Keep in mind that what you can’t allow entering into your mind is fear, as fear is the enemy of self confidence. The two cannot exist together. Where there’s fear there can be no self confidence. You have to guard against letting fear drive your self-confidence away.

When fear tries to enter, that’s when it’s time to fall back on your affirmations. Affirmations like,

  • I always feel comfortable around women.
  • I enjoy conversing with women.
  • I enjoy being with women.
  • I’m confident in my actions when I’m with a woman.
  • I always treat women with the utmost respect.
  • I’m always on my best behavior when I’m with a woman.
  • Women enjoy being with me because I always show interest in their cares and worries.
  • I enjoy talking about the woman I’m with instead of talking about me.
  • I want to know about her desires and deepest wishes.
  • I enjoy showing her how much I care about her.
  • When I’m with a woman, I love to show her that she’s the only one in my world at that time.
  • I’m always open to subliminal messages from her to give me signs that she’s interested in me.
  • I always respect when she says NO and never push it any farther.

With affirmations backing you up by reinforcing your behavior and being in control of your fears, all the self-confidence in the world that you need is yours to have.



self confidence with women

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confidence with women AFFIRMATIONS ARE THE KEY




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