Kids’ Sports Confidence Is Boosted Much Easier With Speed Training

Kid’s Sports Confidence, Mom and Dad’s Roles in Boosting It

Have you ever worried about building your kids’ confidence in sports? Thirty years ago, when I played football, hockey, golf, and lacrosse year round, our dad was an enthusiastic sports parent. He often preached to us to play harder and live up to our abilities. He was quick to express his frustration with referees and coaches.

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Our dad was so into our games, he couldn’t restrain himself. That was both good and bad for the five of us. We liked all the attention, but often felt pressured to perform better – and better! Now that I am a sports parent myself to two children, I understand just how difficult it is for parents-like my dad to figure out how best to support and help their kids in sports. And as a leading sports psychology expert, I’ve been studying this issue for many years. Sports parents today have many tough questions to ponder: Should you push kids to try harder in sports when you know they have the athletic ability? What do you say or do after your child or teen’s crushing defeat?

Kid’s Sports  Confidence Better Achieved with speed

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What to do if your daughter worries constantly about what others think of her sports performance? How do you behave on the sidelines when you’re frustrated with coaches or referees? These are hard questions, and the answers aren’t always obvious. Whatever your reactions are, keep in mind that you’re teaching your kids how to react, with every one of your reactions. So, stop, think, then act. Your saner reactions in following this course will keep your kids saner in the future. If your kids are constantly worried about what others think of her performance, you may not be giving her enough support yourself. Try to encourage your kid’s confidence in sports by building up their positive attitudes with positive reinforcement every chance you get, but beware not to reinforce bad or ill-advised behavior like cheating or breaking the rules. And remember, not all bad outcomes deserve poor reinforcement. Most of them are just as deserving of positive reinforcement as good outcomes.


As a sports parent or youth sports coach, you have an important impact on your kids in sports. Your support and communication can help kids improve their confidence and success in sports. You need to be there to help kids weather the ups and downs of athletics. Young athletes who are pushed too hard and experience negative coaching are more likely to drop out of sports altogether. It’s your job to evaluate and communicate with their coaches in ways that ensure your athletes’ confidence is boosted-not crushed. What’s more, it’s your job be as positive as possible and to focus on fun. When kids are having fun, they also feel confident, improving overall your kid’s confidence in sports.

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Maybe the most important aspect of your kid’s confidence in sports is the way in which they’re able to control their emotions. The absolute best way to control emotions is to control what you eat in your diet. Some foods create undesirable emotional outbursts due to outside control of hormones. This can be fatal to a young athlete’s career. With all the increased concern with head injuries, a lot more attention is being paid to emotional outbursts, which some foods have a tendency to exasperate. Full details of tainted that will affect your kid’s Confidence in Sports can be found in the book below;






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If you’re serious about your kids competing at their best, learn how to feed them to be their best. If your food is tainted, their performance will be tainted. Feed them clean food and they can’t help but get a good performance out of it. It helps to read the first in the series, It’s Time for a Cure.

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