Being Self Confident at Work and How It Affects Your Performance

Being self-confident at work is the most important aspect of success in any career. Those lacking it will always be lacking the success they set out to achieve when embarking on their career. Those who have it, seem to have no problems achieving their goals in their careers. I shouldn’t have to tell you how it affects your performance.

Being confident at work is that delicate space between shattered self-esteem and an arrogance laced ego or your assumed self-confidence; it makes a difference. My years of coaching has taught me that those who are successful believe that their own self-confidence has been significantly enhanced by the positive actions, behaviors, and successes of those they have worked with or observed. If this is true, then as managers and leaders we have an obligation to manage our own self-confidence levels, and moreover, to inspire others to positively manage theirs.

confidence at work : Young business people working together as a team in the office confidence at work

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Experience tells me, that for many, self-confidence levels are well below a successful mindset. Indeed, they are much more fragile than we would imagine. This mindset is one of “can’t do” rather than “can do” and is unfortunately imprinted by many more negative than positive influences. I would suggest that, within my coaching practice, confidence at work levels, in the majority of people I see, are well below healthy levels. I would further contend that a healthy level of self-confidence is a cornerstone of performance and success.

Being self-confident in the workplace is generally described as a mental state of being certain or self-assured with any thought or situation in the moment. It might be viewed as an emotional state of mind or belief in oneself to step forward and succeed.

What self-confidence at work does is enable individuals to obtain control of situations or circumstances rather than being controlled by them. In doing so, it can assist in relieving anxiety or unnecessary and unhealthy fears. More importantly, it can set positive expectations for positive outcomes.

I submit this presumption, that confidence at work is earned. It’s something you have to achieve and build. Which more often than not, can present problems, especially if you don’t have any, to begin with. A great place to start is with affirmations because once you start the affirmations, the rest comes more naturally. Visit Motivational Quotes For Affirmations Of Self Confidence for a good idea on how affirmations work.

In fact, you can learn how to use your confidence at work as a means to out-perform others around you. Believing in yourself allows you to gain the upper hand on those who are unable to model those same positive beliefs. It means that in all situations, and regardless of who is around you, you can feel in control.

Of course, that means you must be willing to take all necessary steps to accomplish what is set out in front of you. Your self-confidence is the foundation for your personal and professional successes. Never allow anyone to strip away the confidence at work you have in yourself. It is yours to keep and hang onto forever. And, it is only you who can allow others to diminish your self-confidence.

At all levels of an organization, people are individuals. It is only social rules, experience or corporate governance that has provided particular individuals with unique benefits such as privileged knowledge, titles, corner offices and executive perks. In turn, this has provided some with power, real or perceived, or with a position of authority. Or, more to the point, they have been provided with the knowledge or power that you or they feel gives them power over you.

The reality is that they came into the world the same way and they will leave the same way – with a first and final breath. What individuals have been exposed to during their lives and what they have learned or how they choose to use what they have experienced is what positions them in relation to others. In fact, on a personal note, I know I have observed and experienced both high and low levels of confidence at work regardless of stature, role or title.

Very early in my career, I had the opportunity to get to know on the president of the company on a personal level. On one particular occasion, I was out in a canoe with him on a lake at his summer home. I was trying to be very exact with all of my actions. My dialogue was stiff and uncomfortable, more or less saying “Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir”. As we approached the dock, and he stepped out of the canoe, he tipped me into the lake. As he extended his hand to help me out of the water with a friendly smile he casually reminded me that like everyone else he liked to have fun too. I never forgot that lesson; that conversation instilled within me a level of confidence at work for all the years that followed.

I learned how to treat people more senior than I. While I treat more senior people with the respect they deserve and have earned, the fact is, they really are the same as you and I. We all deserve and should earn the proper degree of personal respect. Consider that the interaction and observations you will have with individuals along the road to success could significantly influence your learning and the development of your own self-confidence.

Manage Stress – Stress is the biggest enemy of being confident at work in the workplace simply because stress is nothing more than fear and fear breaks down any self-confidence that you’ve built up.  According to Dr. Daniel Amen‘s book Use Your Brain To Change Your Body chronic stress restricts blood flow to the brain, which lowers overall function and prematurely ages the brain. In part, this happens because cortisol, a stress hormone, has been shown to slow down processes in the brain due to its extended high levels. Research studies have shown that people with continuously elevated levels of cortisol have a smaller hippocampus, the area of the temporal lobes involved with memory. Without memory, your overconfidence at work becomes nothing more than arrogance and arrogance in itself is only the self-perception of confidence at work. In order to achieve being fully confident at work, one needs to manage their stress by not allowing fear to enter into the equation. Control your fears and you can control the stress. Control the stress and you can build more confidence at work.

self confidence

Quantum Confidence with The Morry Method System is specifically designed to remove the ROOT CAUSE of your life problems and frustrations by restoring an adequate self-image and supreme self-confidence in you.

Manage Upward – On many occasions, I have done what I could to manage up or become a coach for my manager. For example, I have given them tips on how things might work best or alternatives that work well in prior similar situations. One of the easiest ways to proceed is to simply ask how they felt about how something unfolded or how they might have done it differently. Sometimes I would come right out and ask if they are open to an alternative approach and then have just left them with compelling ideas that they can pick and choose from. Over time, and with the right level of respect, leaders will often seek you out – a very rewarding experience.

100 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence: Believe In Yourself and Others Will Too

Manage Downward – As you interact with your employees, your self-confidence will be a beacon for their determined reliance on you as a manager; as your self-confidence on an issue builds, so
too will theirs. Allow it to slip and you will come under scrutiny. An important practice is that of allowing and encouraging your employees to bring forward ideas – especially ideas that might be better than your own. Encourage them to be their best and accept openly that some will someday move at a pace faster than you. Encouraging this will allow them to see that they, too, can become more successful than they ever realized. And, they will respect you for encouraging such a mindset. Don’t try and guess or interpret what individuals want, as this will shut them off to a world that they don’t yet know exists. As a leader, it is up to you to provide an environment that is open and to provide guidance as to how to explore the world at their fingertips. In doing so, what happens? They have confidence in you, you in them, and they in themselves. You have created a powerful energy that will propel success – theirs and yours! This is key to confidence at work.

Managing Across – In working with your peers the same holds true as with managing upwards or downwards. You will be observed and scrutinized. There is both a collaborative and competitive nature of the environment and the individual with the greatest level of self-confidence will often stride further than their peers might. Obtain knowledge or facts, become realistic about the situation, set appropriate goals for yourself and others and enlist the support of those who will positively influence the outcomes. A leadership team with soaring confidence at work, will, in fact, define in the culture of an organization, an environment of confidence at work! This is a culture that asks more than tells and rewards more than punishes.

As you learn to accept your own level of confidence at work and use it in a positive way, it can be a powerful tool for advancing you closer to your personal and professional goals. A word of caution though, be sure that you do not mistake uncontrolled ego for controlled or perceived self-confidence in yourself and in others. I have learned first hand, that in their confidence at work, managers and leaders have worked at in two ways, equally; sustaining and enhancing one’s own confidence and also eliciting it from those they lead. The success of leadership should not be a measurement of the leader alone but rather by the confidence within those whom they are accountable for.

Diet is the most influential aspect that can ruin your confidence at work.

To fully appreciate your confidence at work, you need to realize how it’s affected by what you eat for breakfast. Do you usually have a quick bowl of cereal or oatmeal, like I did every morning, thinking that you had to have a good breakfast to give you a good day? I always did. That is until I learned that what I was eating every morning was ruining my day by making me hungry all day and giving me headaches by the afternoon if not in the late morning. Below in the books in blue is your only warning of something that will definitely make you rue. It’s a story of greedy corporate conglomerates engineering food to make and keep you hungry and sick solely for the purpose of padding their bottom line, to keep their stockholder happy. This food is killing people at the rate of 2000 people each and every day in America, alone. This isn’t even considering what it’s doing to the world. If you’re wondering why there’s so much terrorism in the world and violence, you need to read one of the books in blue, below.

Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

confidence at work

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Extended Details of Tainted Food:

confidence at work

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the poisoning of your food is essential to know about for confidence at work

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How Women Can Build Their Self Confidence

How Can Women Build Their Self-Confidence

The power of self-confidence in women can never be undersold. For women to build their self-confidence could be a woman’s biggest asset, it can not only help save her career, it can save her relationship as well.  When a woman suffers from a need to have more self-confidence it affects her love relationship in a myriad of ways and she exhibits behaviors that are toxic and detrimental to a long-lasting, healthy and committed relationship. Confidence can promote security. But then, it can also promote abuse. An argument can be made that a fine line must be walked much of the time, but without any confidence at all, all can be lost. It’s in no way odd for her too;

  • second-guess her self.
  • feel her physical appearance never measures up.
  • question the validity of her partner’s love.
  • become overly suspicious and questions her partner’s where about
  • have jealousy issues
  • hate other women for no reason.


How can you master this relationship destroyer? Real women build their self-confidence! 

Hiw Women build their self-confidence

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Here are five easy ways to implement for women to build their self-confidence:


Confidence comes from within not the outside. If you want to become confident, it starts with you. Your confidence has nothing to do with how beautiful you are, your level of intelligence, skills, talent or the amount of money you have. It has to do with you believing in you, accepting that you are unique and knowing that “no one can do you like you do you.” Self-development takes time, commitment and discipline.You can begin to build your confidence and feel good about yourself no matter what, TODAY


1. Fall in love with your body. It Helps Women build their self-confidence.


Make a conscious decision to love your body, it does not matter if you think you are not perfect, commit to loving you with the body you have today. Make the mirror your friend and each time you go by, look at yourself with love and adoration. Having confidence in yourself is not about the external trappings – it’s about who you are at the core, your essence and no one can give it or take it away from you.


2. Comparison is A Thief of Joy For Women Trying to Build Their Self-Confidence 


Stop comparing yourself to others – there will always be someone smarter than you, more beautiful, thinner, fitter, richer, but like your fingerprint…there is, only one you, you are unique, imperfectly perfect and you are good enough today. Don’t stop striving to better yourself. What you don’t know, research. What you don’t feel, affirm with positive affirmations to be the ideal women. This is how women build their self-confidence.


3. Change your thoughts and transform your life

How Women build their self-confidence

Know why you are in this life and what you are here to do * Learn how to live your life passionately * Uncover and eliminate feelings of being “less than” anyone else * Validate yourself rather than seeking validation from others * Own all parts of yourself and release self-criticism * Overcome negative messages you accepted as a child * Genuinely love yourself and become your own best friend * Release feelings of need in a relationship so you can relate confidently and authentically * Free yourself from emotional pain, confusion, worry, and attachment to outcomes *

With our thoughts, we create our reality. When you are constantly worrying about your partner cheating, you treat him/her as if he/she has already cheated.Finally, your partner cheats and you say in astonishment ” I knew you were going to cheat, why did you do this to me.” Even though your partner should take responsibility for his/her actions, you played a role in bringing this about, by first putting into the universe and fueling it with your incessant thoughts. Our thoughts become our reality. Acknowledge your negative thoughts, cancel them and replace with empowering ones.


4. Don’t say YES when you want to say NO and vice versa.

How Women build their self-confidence

The Confidence Effect: Every Woman’s Guide to the Attitude That Attracts Success. It’ how women build their self-confidence for greater success.


Sounds easy enough, right? but when you lack confidence, it is difficult to stand up for what you believe.You might find yourself saying yes or no when you do not want too because you are afraid of rejection, confrontation. It’s time to stop the insanity – Start practicing being true to yourself. Say NO or YES only because you truly want too.


5. The blame game is lame – Women Build Their Self-Confidence By Taking Responsibility


We learn at an early age that we should take responsibility for our actions and subsequent results. In no way can any women build their self-confidence in this way. When you play the blame game you hold your partner responsible for:


  • Lack of trust issues.
  • Your unhappiness.
  • Your bad days.
  • Your mistrust.
  • Why the relationship isn’t working.


On the other hand, when you take responsibility, you would be asking yourself:


  • What can I do to have better days?
  • How do I contribute to the problems in my relationship?
  • What’s inside of me that does not allow me to trust my partner?
  • What can I do to feel good about myself?
  • How do other women build their self-confidence?


Taking responsibility opens the gateway for you to see the opportunities and the resources for you to become more confident. When you feel good about yourself, you’re learning how you and other women build their self-confidence so your time and energy will be spent building a strong, healthy and committed relationship, instead of destroying it.

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To learn how women build their self-confidence they need to know how their diet is going to affect them through their behavior, through their desires and in how they relate and react to others. Believe me, it does. But then, you know that. You may or may not realize why this is happening, but what you don’t know is that what you’re eating could be/probably is harming you in ways you never suspected, yet you need to know this information if you’re going to perform at your peak efficiency. This is exactly why you should heed the following message. Your life may depend on it. Your health definitely does.


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Women build their self-confidence

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Women build their self-confidence

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The Power Of Affirmations For Confidence In Athletes

The Power Of Affirmations For Confidence In Athletes

When playing a competitive sport, confidence for athletes is probably the most important quality and athlete needs if they’re going to play their very best. Everyone knows this. But exactly how do you achieve it if you don’t have it, to begin with.   The best way to get started is by training the mind to train the body. Although this may be the easiest piece to start with, be aware that it’s not going to be this easy for the whole journey. This is why affirmations of confidence are so important for athletes. They’ll automatically install the desire to train your mind and your body. It’s like installing permanent software in your brain to act in a pre-programmed fashion to your benefit.

Straighter drives are at your fingertips. Confidence for athletes

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Affirmations Empower Your Strengths.

One of the most significant needs of every human is the acceptance of gratitude from his or her fellow participants and colleagues. We all love to be thanked for our efforts. To be appreciated is a major desire of most men, that’s shared by few other species in the animal world. The desire for acknowledgment and gratitude is one of the biggest motivations an athlete can have.   This is very much in parallel with what motivates us in sports, where affirmations for confidence building reaffirm all your best qualities as an athlete and as a person.  This is important to keep you focused and driven towards improvement in your game as well as the rest of your life.

But this is the nice part about training your mind to train your body, you learn to love the training even before you ever start it. Affirmations tell your sub-conscience mind what you want to achieve and it will find a way to achieve it as long as you don’t let fear get in the way, for fear is your worst enemy so that may be your first affirmation, “I will not let fear stop me from doing what it takes to win, as long as it’s within the rules”.   This is very important to know because as I mentioned at the beginning, confidence plays a bigger role than what most people think. It hugely affects the performance of an athlete and will be a long-time factor in determining the success and lifespan of their career in their chosen sport.   The best way to start this process is to start with positive affirmations, as mentioned above.  Positive affirmations of confidence for athletes when done on a regular basis can be done many ways and will produce surprising results that will exceed anyone’s expectations.

They Develop Your Desire To Practice Practice Practice Practice.

In an athlete’s daily life of the humdrum routine of practicing, one of the most useful tools he or she could use would be daily affirmations for enjoying practice such as, “I enjoy repetitive workouts and learning new ways to win”. These types of affirmations train the sub-conscience mind to practice on end without being beaten down by the boredom or strain of the practice.   There is nothing like praise and commendation to put an end to an athlete’s fatigue and rekindle their determination. When an athlete is always reminded that he or she is doing well, it’s a subtle affirmation to that they’re doing the right thing.

They Subconsciously Shape Your Character for Supreme confidence for athletes.

If you’ve noticed an underlying theme throughout this article, it’s that affirmations work subconsciously. This means that you don’t have to consciously think about any of them once you read them on a daily basis. Your subconscious mind does all the work with you even knowing it on a conscious level. As long as you repeat once or twice them on daily basis, your work is done. Your affirmations of confidence should not only boost your morale but also enhance your sense of compassion towards your fellow athletes. A good example would be “When I win I always act like a sportsman’s and treat my opponents with respect and honor”. Always remember how you would’ve liked to have been treated when you lost. After all, by the end of the day, competition is still about the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation.

They Keep You From Having Low Self-Esteem for Optimum confidence for athletes.

The most critical moment when an athlete needs the support of his affirmations the most would be whenever he or she experiences defeat or a sub-par performance. This has the possibility to damage an athlete’s sense of confidence if he hasn’t been repeating his affirmations on a daily basis. For those who’ve been reading their affirmations for confidence for athletes, this is like just another day at the office because they realize that there can’t be victories without losses.   If an athlete has been repeating their affirmations, the consequence of losing a match wouldn’t do as much harm. Instead, this would only be an opportunity to congratulate their opponent on a good game.   Plan of Action:   For your affirmations of confidence write down your goals in one line sentences that are positive and easy to read. State what you want to achieve as though you’ve already achieved it, like, “I’m a winner and as much as I win or lose I always show respect and honor to my opponent regardless of what happened in the game”. Repeat these affirmations two-three times a day an don’t dwell on them all the time.   Your affirmations should be written out to improve your game physically and mentally. “As tired as I get physically, my mental focus always stays sharp.” This affirmation repeated daily will ensure that the mental part of your game will never lag as you tire throughout the game.   Write out several affirmations similar to those above and review them two to three times every day, when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night is best. They should be your first and last thoughts every day.   If you start including your affirmations for confidence in your daily routine, within weeks to a few months you’ll start to see a noticeable difference. After a couple years, you won’t believe the improvement in your game, simply because you included the power of positive affirmations for confidence for athletes in your daily routine.

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Guide to Gaining Self-Confidence at Work

Guide to Gaining Self-Confidence at Work

 : Beautiful stylish confident female business executive standing with folded arms looking at the camera with a serious expression, head and shoulders portrait self confidence at work

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To gain self-confidence at work is one of the most important pursuits one can attempt. People who are confident in themselves can expect to be given increased responsibility, authority, and leadership opportunities. And because increased responsibility brings increased earnings, it ultimately brings more success.

But self-confidence needs to be distinguished from arrogance, which does not attract people or success. When you are confident, you believe in your own abilities but you do not need to look down at or mistreat others. In fact, the greater your self-confidence, the more you will act in a selfless, generous and engaging manner.

Arrogance, on the other hand, is defined as “an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions“. Arrogance is quite often used in place of self-confidence at work when true self-confidence at work is lacking.

Building self-confidence at work does not have to be that difficult if one knows how to go about it. Here are a few tips to help you develop your self-confidence at work.


Education is Key for self-confidence at work

What you know about your duties and position is key to how well you can perform those duties and directly affects how much self-confidence you’ll ultimately have. Education concerning your job along with the performance of your duties lends credence to your competence in your job.

Quantum Confidence with The Morry Method System is specifically designed to remove the ROOT CAUSE of your life problems and frustrations by restoring an adequate self-image and supreme self-confidence in you.

The more competent you are at work, the more self-confident at work you will feel.  If a company pays for you to take a course, do it. Doing so will allow you to gain self-confidence in your position by increasing your knowledge of your duties. In the 21st century, you cannot afford to not improve your abilities if the opportunity presents itself. Especially in hard economic times, opportunities for more education may not be as readily available as you would like.

Education is key when you want to gain self-confidence at work. So you need to take control of your education.  Set aside some time aside each day to read more to develop your skills. Make it a habit. It might be reading trade publications. It might be reading a book related to your field. The best time to do is first thing in the morning or right before bedtime.

And another thing that really helps is to find another person or a group who share your desire for improvement. You can motivate each other, discuss what you have learned and share ideas with each other to understand better all the nuisances of your duties. To gain self-confidence at work, you just need to improve a little bit each day, and pretty soon, you will notice a huge difference.

Your capabilities will define the confidence you feel. The greater your capabilities, the greater your self-confidence. As you increase your self-confidence, you will feel more compelled to improve yourself and ultimately the more you’ll gain self-confidence at work.

Affirm To Gain Self Confidence at Work

Self-confidence is ultimately based on knowledge. The greater the knowledge of your position, the greater your self-confidence in that position. On the other hand, not knowing what you should know to carry out your duties, will tend to hold back, not allowing you to perform your duties and generally set yourself up for underachievement. Nobody will see your value

A good way around this dilemma is to use positive affirmations to ground your thoughts and intentions to gain self-confidence at work by programming your mind positively. Affirmations like “I like to learn as much as I can about my work so I can achieve the best possible results for my company to increase my value” is an example of a good affirmation that you can say to yourself every morning and night. This will set you up to gain more self-confidence at work without a conscious effort.

The affirmations must be positive, encouraging and action-oriented to change your behavior for the best. You should sit down and write out several positive affirmations on how you see yourself as an ideal employee or affirmations of what you want to achieve in your work or even in life. Here are some affirmations to get you started:

  • I always seek to know as much as I can for all positions I may need to hold.
  • I get along with everyone I work with to create a harmonious environment.
  • I accept criticism with enthusiasm so I can always keep improving the work I do.
  • Realizing that self-confidence comes through knowledge followed by actions, my actions always show that my knowledge is unsurpassed in my field.
  • I am understanding when mistakes are made, whether by me or a co-worker and always seek to learn from those mistakes, without placing blame or responsibility on anyone.

These are just a few affirmations to get you started on your list of affirmations. A good idea is to write each one on a  separate index card and carry them in your pocket to read to yourself when you have time do so. I always read between 10 and 20 affirmations every day to subconsciously change my behavior and gain self-confidence at work for myself.

Attitude Is Everything for self-confidence at work

How you think about yourself is the going to tell others how they should think about you. This doesn’t mean that you should be arrogant and boastful. True self-confidence doesn’t have to boast. Quite often, silence is its best partner. Most boastful people hide behind their boastful attitude because of their lack of confidence. They know that they can’t back up their words with action so they have to bluff their show they know what they’re doing.

A person who’s truly self-confident in his actions already knows everything he’s talking about so there’s no need to brag about it. Those who shut their mouths and listen, always learn more than those who keep talking, for it’s impossible to listen while you’re talking. Everyone I know has heard this phrase in many different ways, “God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them accordingly”, meaning you should listen twice as much as you talk.

Everyone who needs to gain self-confidence at work needs to heed this advice on how can you expect to learn anything without listening. Remember it’s knowledge that allows you to gain self-confidence at work and the more you know about what’s going on around you the more confidence you can have in your situation.

Putting It All Together

After you gain self-confident at work, you will be able to enjoy work, even more, perform better and ultimately be more successful. Take steps now to focus on how you can gain self-confidence at work, change your thoughts with positive affirmations and invest time to learn more by educating yourself so you can get better at what you do.

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