Public Speaking – How to Speak With Confidence

Public Speaking

Are you one of those who experience anxiety when you’re faced with public speaking. While it’s true that both skilled speakers and novice speakers experience the same thing, the difference is in how they use it when they speak because of the actions they take and their attitude towards it.

How to Speak With Confidence

Follow these tips and speaking in public will soon become second-hand nature to you.

1. Preparation This may be the most important point to take notice of. Careful preparation naturally leads to self-confidence. This involves acquiring as much knowledge as you can about your subject by researching your topic thoroughly so you can demonstrate your expertise in it. Once you have researched the topic, the next step is to organize, outline and write the speech. When beginning in public speaking, it is advisable to write your speech out in full, so you have a complete, thought through speech. Keep the sentences short.

2. Practice Thorough practice builds confidence.The more you practice anything, the more you become confident in it and the more familiar you are with your subject, the better prepared and confident you will be in delivering your speech. The number of times required to run through your speech will depend on the nature of the speech and the natural skills of the speaker. The practice speech delivery should include presenting in front of friends and family. It helps to record yourself and when you play back the recording take notes of corrections you should make any changes you feel would make your speech better.


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3. Performance When it comes time for you to speak, maintain a confident expression on your face and walk with intention to where you will speak. Breathe deeply and smile to settle your nerves. Smile. Smiles are contagious and convey confidence as well. Be natural, move and speak as you would in normal conversation. This includes looking at your audience. Never be afraid to look at your audience.

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4. Self Talk Talk to yourself in a positive way. Keep focused on the success of the talk rather than what could go wrong. Just before you go on to speak, really go overboard on the positive self-talk so you are bursting with positivism when you speak. The more often you speak in public or to groups the easier it becomes and the more confident you become.

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Experienced speakers can still get nervous before they speak. They see this as a spur to give the best speech they can. Others see it as excitement. The same feelings are experienced but a different attitude towards them makes a big difference. Speaking with confidence comes from exercising a little courage. Many talents are denied the world because it is not exercised.

 To Speak With Confidence Is To Exercise

Speaking in public with confidence is like exercising, the more you do it the more natural it comes. You can even think of public speaking as exercising. You’re exercising an ability, the ability to speak in front of people. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to it as persistently speaking in front of a group builds confidence. It is by consistent practice and doing, that public speaking is improved. By taking the first step and realizing that the key to success is in your own hands the first “bud” of confidence appears. With proper care and attention, the “bud” is developed so that you become more effective and speak with confidence. Public Speaking Cheat

confidence in speaking

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