Steps to Achieve Self Confidence

How Self Confidence is achieved

Is not at all as it’s been perceived.

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We’ve all heard the phrase fake it till you make it. Is it just an overblown cliche or something that you can really apply to improve your self-confidence? If you’re having trouble not doubting yourself at work or experiencing full-blown anxiety in any social setting, there are simple steps to improve your confidence that you can take. Whether your confidence is lacking in sports, public speaking, school or work, relationships, or just interacting with others in general, these simple steps will help you get started to having all the confidence you need.

Appreciate What You Have to Obtain

Forever Hold on and Always Maintain

We all can’t have what we want all the time. If you imagine that you will become confident once you have more money, a fit body or designer clothes, you will never truly achieve that. True self-confidence is about being content with who you are at this moment in time and isn’t connected to any superficial values or changing variables. By attaching your level of confidence to the things you own, you are making yourself vulnerable to possible changes in your life. Start with appreciating what you have and working from there.


Know Your Business Very Well

It’s Most Important on Which to Dwell


The more you know about what you’re doing, the greater your confidence will be. Know what your goals are. Know the best way to achieve those goals. Know what errors can impede your goals. Know how to correct those errors. The more you know about what you’re doing, it just goes without saying, the more confident you’ll be. If this means to start learning, then pick up every bit of reading material you can about what it is you need to do and start reading. Learn all that you can.

Ever Work Forward Towards Your Goal

Always Watching for the pole

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Being appreciative of your current situation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for more. However, the key to that is to actually act on your desires, instead of fantasizing about future riches without actually doing anything. For that to happen in the foreseeable future, you need to set realistic goals for yourself. You can start with something small that’s easily achievable, even reaching a couple of little goals in a row will make you feel much more self-confident.

Always Finish What You Start

Doing So Fulfills the Heart

No one appreciates a quitter. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, quitters never win and winners never quit. Not finishing something you start is one of the biggest hits to your self-esteem, you should do your best to keep that from happening. Accomplishment in itself does more for the self-confidence than almost anything else. Only if your goal is obviously unobtainable, should you even consider backing out. But this is where you need to beware, what looks like a lost cause, many times is completely obtainable after a second or third try. (Otherwise, the old saying, try, try again would never exist.) If though, retreat is your best option, choose to retreat, temporarily to learn from your errors and return, later to achieve your goal. This may not boost your self-esteem or confidence for this particular project but you’ll find the learning experience much more beneficial, which will help you down the road to increase your confidence.

Face Your Fear With Eagerness

Never Ever to Regress

The only way to defeat fear is to face it. Strange as it may seem, as soon as you do, the fear will begin to subside. When you face your fears with eagerness to conquer them, magic things start to happen. Solutions come up that never would have had you not faced that fear. Facing fear has a tendency to reshape your thinking to sometimes “think outside the box”, this is how new ideas are created. Don’t ever dwell on the negative, on what can go wrong. Instead, dwell on the positive, your goal. It doesn’t matter whether you want to meet people of the opposite sex or move up in your career, You can expect to fail multiple times along the way. Fear of failure is a natural part of any challenging process, but it’s not something you will ever be able to fully eliminate from your life. Embracing it is the only option you have, and realizing it will help you get back up and continue moving towards your goal. Once you experience a wider range of different emotions in life, you will gradually achieve true self-confidence.

Learn To Failure Appreciate

So, In Turn, You Can Initiate

Success to Help You Ingratiate

Never to Tergiversate  (waver)

As an inventor, Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When asked “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times, I simply learned 1,000 ways it wouldn’t work”. Thomas Edison didn’t have 1,000 failures, he simply found 1,000 different ways that wouldn’t work, learning each time. He looked at each failure as a small successful step toward the ultimate success, the light bulb. Success almost requires failure. No successful man has ever gotten there without failing at some time or another. Every time you have a small failure, look on it as a small successful learning experience. Do that and all of a sudden, you’ll see that your perspective has been changed.


Fear is Tied to Your Hunger Cycle

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Don’t let your hunger cycle control your fear. I bet you didn’t know that your fear is tied to your hunger cycle. Well, guess what? It is. Outside of pre-conceived notions about what to be afraid of (which are usually nonsense), your hunger is probably the most influential factor with your emotions, with fear being one of the most influenced of any of them. Most fear all boils down to fear of doing without and doing without is directly tied to our hunger cycle. It helps to read this volume in my 8 book series, It’s time for a Cure. It details a horrendous story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry, to keep you eating, to make you need medicine to counteract all the chemicals dumped on the food you’ve been eating for the last 50 years. If you want to know why your parents, grandparents, and kids get sick, you must read this book. This book explains why people can’t lose weight and why they get sick. It also explains how to avoid it.

Diet Changes All Anew

This Guarantee Belongs To You

If From the Grains You Can Refrain

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And Better Yet a Boom To Your Game

Can diet affect self-confidence? Can what you eat have an effect on your self-confidence? That’s a no-brainer for me, of course, it can, duh! If you’re dealing with pain in any way, you’re not going to be at your “A” game, nor will you confidence be at its best. If you dealing with headaches or stomach aches, you need to determine exactly what’s influencing those headaches or stomach aches. If you’re hungry all the time and get headaches all the time, cut your consumption of bread and sugar. These components tend to be the most toxic components in anyone’s diet. The only way you can protect yourself from getting their toxins in your body to create this pain is to avoid putting them in your body. To do that there are foods you need to avoid altogether, to get the maximum confidence possible. Those are all in my newest book, just published this month, Ultimate Cure for the World: A Compilation of “It’s Time for a Cure” in a Ketogenic Guide (It’s Time for a Cure (Compilation) Book 4)

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