Self Confidence In Athletes, Why It’s So Important And What To Do About It

Self Confidence Of Athletes

The self confidence of athletes is as important for success in sports as it is for success in business or personal relationships as well as every other area of life. Self-confidence…and it’s an attitude that doesn’t belong to just them.What is the one thing that public speakers, veteran athletes, CEO s, presidents and other leaders have in common? It’s something that absolutely anyone can have, including you.

 : Handsome young tennis player serving, concentrating. self confidence in sports

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If you doubt this, ask any successful sports coach or life coach and he/she will tell you that self confidence in athletes makes the difference between winning and losing, between greatness and mediocrity. It’s your doubts that’s keeping you from having the self-confidence in your sport.

So self confidence in sports is very important, sometimes it’s necessary to have in a team setting or in some sports, alone. Either way, you get a much better performance if you can give 100% of your self without doubts. Doubt is the enemy of confidence. The two cannot co-exist. For doubt is nothing more than fear and fear is a clear example of lack of self-confidence and. One needs to trust in their capabilities, avoid negative thoughts and always keep your mind on your goal.

No Fear

Fear, according to Dr. Daniel Amen, MD in his book, Use your brain to change your age, fear produces chemicals in your brain that inhibit your abilities. Some fear is OK. It gets the adrenaline flowing. Because stress is fear and when you let fear control your life you let chronic stress control you. According to Dr. Amen, chronic stress constricts blood flow to the brain which lowers overall brain function and prematurely ages the brain, which in turn, robs you of the chance to attain more self-confidence that what you have.

Self Confidence of athletes starts with proper mental attitude

This will inevitably lead to mistakes. But, until you can make the changes in your brain, you can’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable.  You’re going to make some mistakes. But can’t worry about them. You just have to learn from them and keep going. Don’t worry about your mistakes. Don’t let them get you down. If you do, your game will begin to decline. Learn from them and move on!

You need to take action by paying attention to how you treat your brain and what to feed your brain. Learn how to treat it right so it can help you build your self-confidence. Treat your brain right by cutting the stress. Don’t let fear and stress control your game. Fill your brain with positive affirmations to keep your brain on the right track without even thinking about it.

Self Confidence of athletes means feeding your brain the right food

Feed your brain the proper foods. The self confidence of athletes means feeding your brain the right food. You can find them in It’s Time For A Cure, which is more about having a healthy body than losing weight, because when you have a healthy body, your brain is healthier and you’re going to have more confidence because you brain is releasing the right chemicals to produce the right hormones which are what connects the neurons in your brain to give you more confidence.

On top of treating your brain right and feeding your brain right, you need to get enough sleep, as well. Sleep gives your brain time to recuperate and repair what been to it to wear it down during the day. Robbing your brain of sleep robs you of your motor ability function in your brain, which has a direct impact on your confidence.

No journey ever got started without taking the first step. Now that you know a little why self confidence of athletes is so important, you also know a little bit of how you can turn that around, it’s up to you to take the next step.


Handsome young tennis player serving, concentrating.Self Confidence of athletes

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Self Confidence of athletes

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Self Confidence of athletes

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Self Confidence of athletes

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