The Power of Confidence for Athletes


We’ll show you why confidence for athletes is so important for the success of the athlete in his/her particular field of endeavor. More than that, we’ll show you how your can start to achieve more self confidence for yourself. Self-confidence is “being certain in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Confidence for athletes is “the combination of knowledge and belief that you can play a certain shot or achieve a certain goal, no matter what the circumstances are” (Kremer and Moran, 2008).

golf swing : golfer silhouette

Athletes need to have confidence in their ability to be able to succeed in their sport. It is important to recognize that we all have the ability to have confidence: it can be trained and installed in us. Athletes with self-confidence will then be able to influence themselves and their sporting performance, as well as have influence over others, especially their competitors.   With optimal confidence for athletes, they will ultimately enable themselves to perform better.

Typically they:

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