The Power Of Affirmations For Confidence In Athletes

The Power Of Affirmations For Confidence In Athletes

When playing a competitive sport, confidence for athletes is probably the most important quality and athlete needs if they’re going to play their very best. Everyone knows this. But exactly how do you achieve it if you don’t have it, to begin with.   The best way to get started is by training the mind to train the body. Although this may be the easiest piece to start with, be aware that it’s not going to be this easy for the whole journey. This is why affirmations of confidence are so important for athletes. They’ll automatically install the desire to train your mind and your body. It’s like installing permanent software in your brain to act in a pre-programmed fashion to your benefit.

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Affirmations Empower Your Strengths.

One of the most significant needs of every human is the acceptance of gratitude from his or her fellow participants and colleagues. We all love to be thanked for our efforts. To be appreciated is a major desire of most men, that’s shared by few other species in the animal world. The desire for acknowledgment and gratitude is one of the biggest motivations an athlete can have.   This is very much in parallel with what motivates us in sports, where affirmations for confidence building reaffirm all your best qualities as an athlete and as a person.  This is important to keep you focused and driven towards improvement in your game as well as the rest of your life.

But this is the nice part about training your mind to train your body, you learn to love the training even before you ever start it. Affirmations tell your sub-conscience mind what you want to achieve and it will find a way to achieve it as long as you don’t let fear get in the way, for fear is your worst enemy so that may be your first affirmation, “I will not let fear stop me from doing what it takes to win, as long as it’s within the rules”.   This is very important to know because as I mentioned at the beginning, confidence plays a bigger role than what most people think. It hugely affects the performance of an athlete and will be a long-time factor in determining the success and lifespan of their career in their chosen sport.   The best way to start this process is to start with positive affirmations, as mentioned above.  Positive affirmations of confidence for athletes when done on a regular basis can be done many ways and will produce surprising results that will exceed anyone’s expectations.

They Develop Your Desire To Practice Practice Practice Practice.

In an athlete’s daily life of the humdrum routine of practicing, one of the most useful tools he or she could use would be daily affirmations for enjoying practice such as, “I enjoy repetitive workouts and learning new ways to win”. These types of affirmations train the sub-conscience mind to practice on end without being beaten down by the boredom or strain of the practice.   There is nothing like praise and commendation to put an end to an athlete’s fatigue and rekindle their determination. When an athlete is always reminded that he or she is doing well, it’s a subtle affirmation to that they’re doing the right thing.

They Subconsciously Shape Your Character for Supreme confidence for athletes.

If you’ve noticed an underlying theme throughout this article, it’s that affirmations work subconsciously. This means that you don’t have to consciously think about any of them once you read them on a daily basis. Your subconscious mind does all the work with you even knowing it on a conscious level. As long as you repeat once or twice them on daily basis, your work is done. Your affirmations of confidence should not only boost your morale but also enhance your sense of compassion towards your fellow athletes. A good example would be “When I win I always act like a sportsman’s and treat my opponents with respect and honor”. Always remember how you would’ve liked to have been treated when you lost. After all, by the end of the day, competition is still about the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation.

They Keep You From Having Low Self-Esteem for Optimum confidence for athletes.

The most critical moment when an athlete needs the support of his affirmations the most would be whenever he or she experiences defeat or a sub-par performance. This has the possibility to damage an athlete’s sense of confidence if he hasn’t been repeating his affirmations on a daily basis. For those who’ve been reading their affirmations for confidence for athletes, this is like just another day at the office because they realize that there can’t be victories without losses.   If an athlete has been repeating their affirmations, the consequence of losing a match wouldn’t do as much harm. Instead, this would only be an opportunity to congratulate their opponent on a good game.   Plan of Action:   For your affirmations of confidence write down your goals in one line sentences that are positive and easy to read. State what you want to achieve as though you’ve already achieved it, like, “I’m a winner and as much as I win or lose I always show respect and honor to my opponent regardless of what happened in the game”. Repeat these affirmations two-three times a day an don’t dwell on them all the time.   Your affirmations should be written out to improve your game physically and mentally. “As tired as I get physically, my mental focus always stays sharp.” This affirmation repeated daily will ensure that the mental part of your game will never lag as you tire throughout the game.   Write out several affirmations similar to those above and review them two to three times every day, when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night is best. They should be your first and last thoughts every day.   If you start including your affirmations for confidence in your daily routine, within weeks to a few months you’ll start to see a noticeable difference. After a couple years, you won’t believe the improvement in your game, simply because you included the power of positive affirmations for confidence for athletes in your daily routine.

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