How to Build Confidence in Sports For Your Kids

How to Build Confidence in Sports For Your Kids

When attempting to build confidence in sports for your kids, you need to realize that it doesn’t have to be inspired by past success. It could, but it’s not required. The moment you think it has to originate from previous accomplishments, it hinders their ability to gain more confidence.

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 When you’re young and you start learning to walk because you desire mobility. The desire to walk was the first thing  that was needed for success. Guide them in that way. Make sure you differentiate between your desire and their desire, though. It won’t do much good trying to build their confidence in something they don’t want to do.  What you need to let them know is, “If you want it, it will come.”  Desire, though, is only one factor in building self confidence in sports, but it’s the most important part because without it, the rest can’t come.

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The second ingredient in self confidence in sports is education. You have to learn how to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. You can’t obtain anything without knowing how to obtain it. This is where coaching plays an important role. Positive affirmations work really well. When said daily they work even better.

That last thing is practice. Practice is necessary to ingrain that which is learned. Ask any musician. To become confident in playing their instrument, they had to practice. It’s the same way in sports. You can’t become proficient in anything without practice. With repetition comes the confidence.

Just give them small points and thoughts to work on each day or several times during the week. But repeat it multiple times and turn the negativity positive by explaining that no success can come without setbacks.  This negativity is nothing more than mental baggage and another very important step on How to build confidence in sports is to eliminate the mental baggage.

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Everybody’s got some. Now this is not very easy as a coach, when you are so busy. This is the kind of thing I do in my office and in my programs. But the bottom line is that we should just all be aware of it, these underlying beliefs live in the cellular tissues of the body. And literally it’s the subconscious mind that can get in the way and stop an athlete from performing their best.

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