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Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

state of the union address E Book edition

The original story of tainted food designed to make and keep you sick to need more medication.

The full color edition of tainted food

color edition of your only warning of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry and sick forcing your need for medication.

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Your most basic warning of tainted food that’s intentionally engineered to make and keep you hungry and sick to force you into need drugs to counteract your pain.

Extended Details of Tainted Food:

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The full-color story of food that’s engineered to keep you hungry and make you sick by the chemicals that all grain crops are doused in throughout their life cycle.

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The story of tainted food that’s been engineered over the last 50 years to cause more destruction to your body, requiring you to need more medications. All done for the sake of profit.

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Black and white edition of tainted food story. Food that’s intentionally engineered to make and keep you hungry and make and keep you sick and in pain, forcing your need for medication. This is the Glucose Ruse

Full Details of Tainted Food:

E book Edition

The complete story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry for the sole purpose of profit.

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Full details of tainted intentionally made to keep you hungry and sick, forcing your need for medication. This book contains the answers to almost all problems we face today, from the opioid epidemic to every major disease.

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The Full-color version of the tale of tainted food, intentionally made to keep you hungry and sick, forcing your need for pain medication. This book has the answer to cancer, heart disease, opioid epidemic



Primary Destroyer

of Confidence, Contentment, and Civility;








Fear is not only a destroyer of confidence, it destroys contentment and security as well. That means one cannot have true security when they live their lives in fear. One cannot be content when they are in fear. Search your feelings. You know this to be true. After all, fear is our most basic emotion. It even drives our hunger. It’s a primal emotion meant for nothing more than to keep us alive. Fear is not an emotion to toy with like some inexperienced politicians do.  This means that you always need to be on your guard with people who espouse fear and use it for personal gain.  (They think that fear is a tool to be used on any and all who will succumb to it. That means that those who do succumb to it are also tools, waiting to be used.)

The question I want to ask is when does this primal emotion stop helping us and start hurting us? My answer to that is when it holds you back from achieving what you’re meant to achieve. When it starts to keep you from seeing the truth because you would rather believe a lie because it’s more dramatically stated or it fits your preconceived notions. It holds you back when the truth becomes clouded unsubstantiated in claims meant to drive fear. This is the true nature of evil, for this is pure evil manifested in our world. Driving fear of any unsubstantiated claim is as criminal and evil as anyone can do. That begs the question, how do you counteract this evil? What can one do to fight this evil/fear? Yes, I’m equating fear with evil because it is. It’s what destroys our dreams. It destroys our lives. It’s always destroyed our peace and it always will. What else would you call something this destructive? It’s defining factor is its product of pure evil.

What do you fear? What scares you more than anything else? What shakes your foundation down to the bone? Do you know why it scares you? Have you rationalized your fear or simply justified it? Have you ever wondered about its cause? Do you know why this fear terrifies you like it does? Is this fear that’s been instilled in you something to be anxious about or should you be concerned about or is it something to be stressed about it?  Is it something to worry about, or is it something to dwell on and make a phobia out of, or is it something to be rationally afraid of, or is it an irrational phobia or, or is it a downright terror? Does this fear become a Phobia because of its tendency to linger? Is that healthy? Is any of it healthy?

When does your anxiety become a concern?  When does your concern become stress? When does your stress become a worry? When does your worry become rational fear? When does it become an irrational fear? When does it become a phobia? When does it become downright terror? When does it become a horror? Or when do you make it a horror?

A simple, unique approach to reprogram old patterns for a happier, more confident life.

Can You Abate Irrational Fear?

Can your fear be abated? Or do you let it eat at you? If you let it eat at you, have you tried to rationalize it? Or do you simply justify it? Are you justifications valid? Or are they manufactured by an overactive imagination? What would happen if you did abate your fear?  Can it be controlled? Will it change any outcome? Will it change your attitude? Will that have an effect on your hormones? You know that fear affects your hormones, don’t you? Do you know what this fear does to your body chemistry? Do you know how it changes your hormones? Do you know how those hormones affect your body? Do you know how those hormones affect your brain? Do you know how those hormones affect your behavior and actions? Do you know how those hormones affect your decisions or reasoning? Do you know how those hormones affect your perceptions? Do you know how those hormones affect your judgment?

What do you do with a concern? What do you do when it becomes stress? What do you do when it becomes a worry? What do you do when it becomes a rational fear? What do you do when it becomes an irrational fear? What do you do when it becomes a phobia? I define a phobia as a fear that’s become an obsession. What do you do when your fear becomes downright terror? Do you let it overtake you or do you try to control it? Do you realize that what you fear may fear you more? Do you realize that sometimes fear is the only thing you need to fear? Do you realize that if you can’t do anything about your fear, there’s no point in fearing it?

What do you blame for the rampant expression of fear these days? Why do you blame that? Who do you blame for it? Why do you blame them? Do you have to listen to this rampant expression of fear? Does it make you angry? Why do you think it’s promoted like it is? Is it to make you angry? Is to make you afraid? You do know that fear and anger go together, don’t you? Did you know that they trigger the same hormones in your body? Did you know that these hormones do long-term damage to your body? If long-term stress will damage your body, what does long-term worry or rational fear do to it? Do you allow this fear to control you? Or do you control it? Has fear been used on you? For what purpose was it used? Did you approve of it? Do you trust people who use fear as a tool? Have you used fear as a tool? If terrorists use fear as a tool, what separates you from a terrorist?

Can you do or say anything about the spreading of fear? What effect do you think that would have? Would it be positive or negative? Who would benefit? Who would hurt? Do news agencies have to continue to spread fear to convey their message? Does that make them purveyors of fear? What do those who chose to pursue this have to gain? What is their motivation?

Should all wrongs be avenged?

If you take action, do you realize that whatever action you take because of your fear, will come back on you? Who benefits from your actions? Are you aware of how history will view you, for taking this action? Are your actions for personal gain? Are your actions for political gain? Are your actions for religious gain? If your actions are for religious gain, do you think your actions will canonize you in your religion? Are you one of those who has visions of grandeur? Is that why you take your action?

Do you take action against others because of fear? Is this fear rational or irrational? Or is it just a worry or something to stress about? Are your actions for vengeance? Is your vengeance justified? What justifies it? Do you fear the consequences your actions will bring? Have you been able to put yourself in the other’s shoes, to see and feel what they see and feel? Do you act because you have to or because you want to? Is your action a reaction? If so, what is it you’re reacting to? What is it that validates your actions or reactions? Why does that validate your actions and reactions? Are those validations for personal, political or religious purposes or gains? Who benefits and who does it harm? In what ways are others aided, hampered or harmed by your fear? How are you aided, hampered or harmed by your fear?

When you decide to take action, who are you going to take action against? Why that person or entity? What will be the long-term consequences? What will be the short-term consequences? Who will that effect? Do you think about these things when you feel any of these fears? Do you think that other people do? Do you think that other people should consider these things when appraising their fear?

Do you use fear as a tool, yourself? If so, what separates you from a terrorist? Don’t you both use fear as a tool to achieve your goals? Is it the degree that you use fear that differentiates you from a terrorist? At what point does your application of fear, that’s being used for personal or political gain, become a terror and when do you become a terrorist? Isn’t one man’s terrorist another man’s revolutionist? No. Terrorists cannot be revolutionists. Revolutionists don’t purposely kill innocent people whereas terrorists do. Are certain actions necessary or just threats needed to be considered terrorism?

 One definition of terrorism: the active use of threats to spread irrational fear.

Does provoking fear, create anger? Yes, it does. It almost always does. What happens to your emotions when you’re scared? What kind of fear provokes the worst anger? Is anger an emotion that should be experienced while making decisions of state, that will affect the world? Does a leader who provokes fear in all, make a better leader? Can that leader listen to dissension about his leading with provoking fear? If he/she can’t, is that an indication of the kind of leading they’re responsible for?

If we’re to conquer terrorism, don’t we have to conquer fear? Terror’s primary target is those in fear. If we’re to conquer fear, can’t we keep creating fear in our newscasts simply for the sake of bringing in and keeping viewers for bigger ratings? What newscast in your opinion spreads the most fear? Which one spreads the least fear? Is their purpose to seek greater ratings only, or do they have political motivations for using fear as a tool? What differentiates them from terrorists?

Newscasts always have to incite a little fear to bring the viewer in and then again right before they go to commercial to bring the viewer back after the commercial break. Actually, they’re just trying to crease concern but a concern is a type of fear, albeit the lowest form of fear, it’s still a fear. Otherwise, they’ll lose their viewer during the commercial. In doing this, they’re creating fear where none exists, simply to retain their viewer’s attention. This is where the many of unnecessary fears start, many times. They’re blown out of proportion to gain viewership and when other newscasts pick up on it because of the interest it peaked, they often become full blown phobias.

Too often, it seems, that irrational fear is thrust upon us for personal or political gain. Politicians use it to command millions of ignorant people to do what they would not ordinarily do when they’re not in fear. Fear makes you do crazy things sometimes, simply because they seem sensible. Fear can’t allow you to be sensible. Fear itself is often irrational. How can anything irrational lead to sensible acts?

Usually, it’s simply fear of the unknown. Even our worst fear, fear of death is nothing more than fear of the unknown. When one doesn’t know what lies around the corner, hesitation, then trepidation tend to arise. Of course, war zones are far worse than city streets, but the danger exists in both. If it’s a corner we’re familiar with the fear is less, simply because we know what’s there.

When anyone asks me what scares me, I say people who are afraid. I’m scared of people who run around being afraid of what they’re told to fear when it’s the fear itself that they should fear. Wasn’t it FDR who said in his inaugural speech “fear is the only thing we have to fear”? He was trying to thwart a run on the banks right after the depression, but it applies more today than it did in the depression. Can you see that the simple expression of fear validates terrorist’s actions because that’s their goal? Can you see where this forces terrorists to continue their practice of terrorism, simply because it works? Is it that hard to understand that if a tactic doesn’t work, you change it? Is it then hard to understand that if a certain tactic works you continue using it? Doesn’t it make sense to not allow a tactic to work to make it impotent? Doesn’t it make sense to not allow fear to cloud the judgment? Fear drives people to do crazy things that they would never do if the fear never existed. Rationality exits the room when fear enters. It’s been said that fear is a disease that you can either control or it controls you. Which would you prefer? If you let it control you, when do you become a slave to your irrational fear? Is that freedom? Can you truly be free while being afraid?  This also tells me that those who are the angriest are the most afraid and thereby are much closer to being a terrorist than anybody else of a saner nature.

When attacked by irrational fear, all reasonable thinking goes right out the door with it leaving all those in fear, subject to the control of their emotions, which puts them in direct control of their hormones. Fear makes us all do things we’d rather not do when we not afraid. Fear conjures hormones that influence our behavior in ways that many times are detrimental not only to ourselves but to others in our home or community. Yet, there are some entities around the world who believe that spreading fear is the best way to promote their agenda.

More often than not, fear manifests itself in anger, so as to appear not afraid. We all know how rationally we think when we’re angry. This is what makes fear so dangerous; its propensity to emotionally move into anger and when it does that, the damage it manifests is too often, deadly because of that it then, often, moves into antagonism where it really does damage. This is especially true if the fear is an irrational fear.

Those who enjoy this kind of behavior are nothing more than bullies. I can remember dealing with them in grade school. Something I learned in grade school is that you don’t bow do bullies. Once people start expressing fear the bully know that his tactics are working.

This makes me wonder about all who use fear to achieve their goals. Is anyone who uses fear to achieve their goals a terrorist? If so, what does that make our Republican Party? They’re experts at using fear to achieve their goals. They’ve taught the world how to use fear to achieve unreachable goals. This makes me wonder if a political party is so willing to use fear to achieve its goals, does that mean that they’ll use terrorism also? Isn’t terrorism the enemy? Doesn’t that make fear the enemy? Doesn’t that mean that those who use fear to achieve their goals are enemies to American ideals?

One thing that nobody talks about when the subject of fear comes up, how fear is tied to your hunger cycle and believe it or not, controlling your hunger cycle can go miles in controlling your fear. That’s detailed in the books below. What I talk about is how our food-and-drug industry have created a food that creates and worsens this hunger cycle and in doing so, they’ve increased your fear. But, you need to read Ultimate Cure for the World, the fourth book in my 8 book series to fully understand that.

Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

glucose ruse affects irrational fear

Basic warning or what this food will do to you to make you need more medication than you’ve ever needed all for the sake of profit.

Extended Details of Tainted Food:

How tainted food affects irrational fear.

Extended warning of tainted food and how it’s always made you hungry and sick. Details of how glyphosate poisoning has ramped up that action and consequences. This is a warning to all to discontinue consumption of food that is slowly killing you, with every bite you eat.

Full Details of Tainted Food:

irrational fear and how it affects positive confidence is explained in ultimate cure

Here it is! Your ultimate answer to what the food-and-drug industry are doing to America and the world. This is your ultimate warning that what you’re eating is taking your money in more ways the just twp, three or four ways, get the whole details in Ultimate Cure for the World

Mind your words with words of verse.

Steps to Achieve Self Confidence

How Self Confidence is achieved

Is not at all as it’s been perceived.

 : A speedometer with needle pointing to the words You

“The Astonishing Success Secret Of the Most Wealthy… Most Creative… And Most Satisfied Ultra-Achievers In The World!”

We’ve all heard the phrase fake it till you make it. Is it just an overblown cliche or something that you can really apply to improve your self-confidence? If you’re having trouble not doubting yourself at work or experiencing full-blown anxiety in any social setting, there are simple steps to improve your confidence that you can take. Whether your confidence is lacking in sports, public speaking, school or work, relationships, or just interacting with others in general, these simple steps will help you get started to having all the confidence you need.

Appreciate What You Have to Obtain

Forever Hold on and Always Maintain

We all can’t have what we want all the time. If you imagine that you will become confident once you have more money, a fit body or designer clothes, you will never truly achieve that. True self-confidence is about being content with who you are at this moment in time and isn’t connected to any superficial values or changing variables. By attaching your level of confidence to the things you own, you are making yourself vulnerable to possible changes in your life. Start with appreciating what you have and working from there.


Know Your Business Very Well

It’s Most Important on Which to Dwell


The more you know about what you’re doing, the greater your confidence will be. Know what your goals are. Know the best way to achieve those goals. Know what errors can impede your goals. Know how to correct those errors. The more you know about what you’re doing, it just goes without saying, the more confident you’ll be. If this means to start learning, then pick up every bit of reading material you can about what it is you need to do and start reading. Learn all that you can.

Ever Work Forward Towards Your Goal

Always Watching for the pole

The Ultimate wealth pulling, book. Read this book, apply the information, and literally grow rich. Allow what’s worked for millions of people to work for you. Make what you think about, come about.

Being appreciative of your current situation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for more. However, the key to that is to actually act on your desires, instead of fantasizing about future riches without actually doing anything. For that to happen in the foreseeable future, you need to set realistic goals for yourself. You can start with something small that’s easily achievable, even reaching a couple of little goals in a row will make you feel much more self-confident.

Always Finish What You Start

Doing So Fulfills the Heart

No one appreciates a quitter. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, quitters never win and winners never quit. Not finishing something you start is one of the biggest hits to your self-esteem, you should do your best to keep that from happening. Accomplishment in itself does more for the self-confidence than almost anything else. Only if your goal is obviously unobtainable, should you even consider backing out. But this is where you need to beware, what looks like a lost cause, many times is completely obtainable after a second or third try. (Otherwise, the old saying, try, try again would never exist.) If though, retreat is your best option, choose to retreat, temporarily to learn from your errors and return, later to achieve your goal. This may not boost your self-esteem or confidence for this particular project but you’ll find the learning experience much more beneficial, which will help you down the road to increase your confidence.

Face Your Fear With Eagerness

Never Ever to Regress

The only way to defeat fear is to face it. Strange as it may seem, as soon as you do, the fear will begin to subside. When you face your fears with eagerness to conquer them, magic things start to happen. Solutions come up that never would have had you not faced that fear. Facing fear has a tendency to reshape your thinking to sometimes “think outside the box”, this is how new ideas are created. Don’t ever dwell on the negative, on what can go wrong. Instead, dwell on the positive, your goal. It doesn’t matter whether you want to meet people of the opposite sex or move up in your career, You can expect to fail multiple times along the way. Fear of failure is a natural part of any challenging process, but it’s not something you will ever be able to fully eliminate from your life. Embracing it is the only option you have, and realizing it will help you get back up and continue moving towards your goal. Once you experience a wider range of different emotions in life, you will gradually achieve true self-confidence.

Learn To Failure Appreciate

So, In Turn, You Can Initiate

Success to Help You Ingratiate

Never to Tergiversate  (waver)

As an inventor, Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When asked “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times, I simply learned 1,000 ways it wouldn’t work”. Thomas Edison didn’t have 1,000 failures, he simply found 1,000 different ways that wouldn’t work, learning each time. He looked at each failure as a small successful step toward the ultimate success, the light bulb. Success almost requires failure. No successful man has ever gotten there without failing at some time or another. Every time you have a small failure, look on it as a small successful learning experience. Do that and all of a sudden, you’ll see that your perspective has been changed.


Fear is Tied to Your Hunger Cycle

Your health and life at risk all for the sake of profit. If there ever was a must read, THIS IS IT!


Don’t let your hunger cycle control your fear. I bet you didn’t know that your fear is tied to your hunger cycle. Well, guess what? It is. Outside of pre-conceived notions about what to be afraid of (which are usually nonsense), your hunger is probably the most influential factor with your emotions, with fear being one of the most influenced of any of them. Most fear all boils down to fear of doing without and doing without is directly tied to our hunger cycle. It helps to read this volume in my 8 book series, It’s time for a Cure. It details a horrendous story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry, to keep you eating, to make you need medicine to counteract all the chemicals dumped on the food you’ve been eating for the last 50 years. If you want to know why your parents, grandparents, and kids get sick, you must read this book. This book explains why people can’t lose weight and why they get sick. It also explains how to avoid it.

Diet Changes All Anew

This Guarantee Belongs To You

If From the Grains You Can Refrain

You’ll See An End to Most All Your Pain

And Better Yet a Boom To Your Game

Can diet affect self-confidence? Can what you eat have an effect on your self-confidence? That’s a no-brainer for me, of course, it can, duh! If you’re dealing with pain in any way, you’re not going to be at your “A” game, nor will you confidence be at its best. If you dealing with headaches or stomach aches, you need to determine exactly what’s influencing those headaches or stomach aches. If you’re hungry all the time and get headaches all the time, cut your consumption of bread and sugar. These components tend to be the most toxic components in anyone’s diet. The only way you can protect yourself from getting their toxins in your body to create this pain is to avoid putting them in your body. To do that there are foods you need to avoid altogether, to get the maximum confidence possible. Those are all in my newest book, just published this month, Ultimate Cure for the World: A Compilation of “It’s Time for a Cure” in a Ketogenic Guide (It’s Time for a Cure (Compilation) Book 4)

Full Details:

tainted food to sour your mood

This is the full details of a forced addiction to a society to take their money to counteract the pain creating food that the food industry compels us to eat. This is the story of tainted food to sour your mood.

Extended Details:

Details of food designed to make and keep you hungry to get your money for pain medications.

Extended details of how your favorite foods have always hurt you but now that hurt has been ramped up by the glyphosate poisoning of it right before harvest to guarantee that it gets into your diet. This is a must-read.

Basic Warning:

tainted food you love to eat

This is the basic warning that nobody wants to know about but should. It’s a warning of food engineered to make and keep you hungry and sick after you eat it for 5-10 years.Mind your words with words of the verse.




How to Have More Self-Confidence with Women

How to Have More Self-Confidence with Women

Self-confidence with women is one of the most important traits you can possess, especially if you’re looking to attract more women. Self-confidence is simply being comfortable being you, knowing that you are good enough and that you have something to offer others. How to Have More Self-Confidence With Women can change that for you.

Most men struggle with self-confidence issues, which is all the more reason to work on improving them. If you can manage to boost your self-confidence, you’ll be ahead in the race of attracting more women. Women will just naturally be drawn to you.

 : Young blonde woman flirting with shy Caucasian young male nerd. confidence with women

The Instant Confidence With Women Program


Tips for Improving Your Self-Confidence with Women and Getting More Women


Remove Negative Thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive for true self-confidence with women. Don’t let negative thoughts control your thinking. When you think positively you deactivate portions of the brain that hinder confidence. This part of the brain encourages fear and fear is the enemy of self-confidence.

Face your fears. Anything new and different brings about fear and since fear is the enemy of confidence, you must face your fear and conquer it. The first time your fear confronts you is the easiest time to face it. When it comes back the second time, it’s much harder to handle when you don’t confront it the first time. It’s amazing what happens when you face your fear. The minute you do, the fear subsides and a new boldness takes its place, which will, in turn, encourage more self-confidence with women.

Focus on what you have that is similar to the women you want to meet. Any time that you feel unsure about yourself, especially when it comes to women, just focus on learning about the women you’re interested in.Find a point of common ground, something that you can both relate to, and start a conversation. Focus your attention on her and nothing but her when you talk to her. It’s amazing how much your confidence will improve as you talk with her. Compliment her. But not too often. That makes your compliments cheap. Everyone likes compliments, particularly women, especially when they’re genuine. That’s way too many compliments cheapen them.

Practice being self-confident with women. A great way to do this is to randomly walk up to a girl and start talking to her. It won’t matter if the conversation doesn’t go well (assuming the girl doesn’t mean anything to you). And once you do it, you’ll realize that it wasn’t so hard and will feel more confident. If you have any female friends, try talking to them. You might get some solid (girl) advice, as well as see if they can tell whether you’re trying too hard or not.

Work on your appearance with exercise. This doesn’t mean that you look fat and ugly. But cleaning up, wearing clean clothes or even hitting the gym is a great way to boost how you look, not to mention how you feel. It’s a double-edged sword. Exercise is that magic bullet that not only boosts self-confidence with women, it also changes your body chemistry to help not only your body but your brain as well. Your brain is the start of all things relating to your self-confidence, so you’ll end up being more confident in how you look, which will attract girls. And you’ll look better too, as a result of working out — this also attracts women. It’s a win-win.

Very little is more important as having self-confidence. So if you’re lacking in this area, you’ll definitely want to put in the effort to improve it. And once you start, your confidence with women will continue to build on itself. Soon you’ll be a confident man, capable of attracting and picking up anyone you desire.

But don’t take my word for it. Learn from the masters. Click on the image to complete your journey!

Stud Service School  To Build Up Self-Confidence With Women

 : Sensual pose of an attractive young couple

Change Your Life WITHOUT using any sleazy “pickup” techniques… WITHOUT wearing ridiculous clothes… WITHOUT having to fake a “bad boy” attitude…. And even if you’ve never dated anything but “average women” before in your life…

 : Happy handsome man with his sensual girlfriend confidence with women

Take Control WITHOUT using any sleazy “pickup” techniques… WITHOUT wearing ridiculous clothes… WITHOUT having to fake a “bad boy” attitude…. And even if you’ve never dated anything but “average women” before in your life…

This is the warning you must heed

It is a warning about what you eat

The  food you eat is hurting you

To this end, you must know what to do.

A read of the following books

Will change your life and your looks

To get more out of everything,

To which you will want to sing.

Full Details:

This tells of the details of tainted food designed to make and keep you hungry just to force you into a dependence on drugs to treat your pain. The sole purpose of this vicious, cycle is profit, and it’s your money they’re taking.

Basic Details:

This is the story how your food has become dangerous to eat due to tainted food designed to make and keep you hungry just to force you into a dependence on drugs to treat your pain. It details why you’re hungrier and need to eat more, now. It also details how to avoid it and what to do about it. The sole purpose of this vicious, cycle is profit, and it’s your money they’re taking.

Initial Warning:

Here is your basic warning about food that’s been engineered to make you hungry and ultimately disease-ridden, unless you heed the warning provided.

How to Build Confidence With Women

How to Build Confidence With Women

Is Your Focus On The Right Thing?

Playfully sexy stock photo

The Secrets To Creating “Bulletproof Confidence”, Being Ultra-Confident In Life, And Being The Man Women Crave… And Finally Getting The Women You Deserve!


What are your goals when you first meet a woman? Are you trying to impress her? If you’re having trouble, it’s probably due to your lack of confidence with women. How can you improve your self-confidence with women now becomes the question. For any self-confidence to exist, the fear has to be extinguished. The more fear you feel, the less confidence you’ll experience. The question now becomes, how do you overcome the fear?

How’s Your Self Respect?

Tired Man Drinking Coffee vector art illustration

Gain Self-Confidence, Build Assertiveness and Self-Esteem with The Confident Man Program

Take stock of what you’ve accomplished and allowed that feeling of confidence to give you a little self-esteem. Decide that you’re worth it, because, without it, you have little chance of impressing any woman. Don’t flaunt your qualities. That’s arrogance and although some younger girls may be impressed by it, you’re setting up a false impression of self-confidence that will only hurt your relationship in the long run. True self-confidence doesn’t need to boast about anything.

Does Fear Control Your Actions?

Bald Man Shocked and Fearful of His Baldness stock photo

Fears are beliefs that limit your actions and reactions because you believe there’s some truth to them. Everyone has fears, most of them are unrealistic. Fears are the opposite of confidence. their enemies and they can’t exist together. The only way to conquer this fear is to face it. What’s amazing, is that once you do this, you’ll notice an increase in your confidence immediately. In the book “Double your Dating“, David DeAngelo dedicated many techniques to getting rid of this fear of limiting beliefs.


Minimize the fear of the unknown

Uncomfortable Businessman Standing In The Spotlight stock photo

Gain Self-Confidence, Build Assertiveness and Self-Esteem with The Confident Man Program

Interaction with women can be very dynamic. You just can’t predict how it’ll go, how she will react or if she has a boyfriend or husband. That fear is unfounded because you’ll never know anything about her if you don’t ask. The only way to know is to ask! If you don’t, the tension will linger. What you also don’t know is that if you don’t ask you’ll be stuck with that fear of asking until you do. Clearly, her reaction only matters in the answers she gives you as to whether or not she’s interested in you. And even if it didn’t go well you’ll feel much lighter and confident to move on to someone else.


Don’t let refusals get you down

Attract High-Quality Women That REALLY LOVES & SUPPORTS YOU!

Do you know that Thomas Edison had to try over 10,000 times to find a usable filament for the electric light bulb to make it a viable product worth marketing? (He wasn’t the first person to make light out of electricity.) He was the first to make a practical long lasting light bulb that could be manufactured inexpensively for mass production. The reason I bring this up is that he didn’t let 10,000 failures get in his way of finding the one filament that worked. Keeping this in mind, why would you let one failed attempt at asking someone for a date, stop you. There are too many women available to let one refusal keep you down. Thomas Edison didn’t look at his failures as failures. He saw them as 10,000 little successes as they were all ways that didn’t work and he just needed one that did. You can look at it the same way and not let one turn down get you down.


What Does Your Internal Dialogue Tell You?


Is your inner voice telling you “I can” or “I can’t”? If you’re having trouble with your inner voice, try programming your mind with positive affirmations like the few listed here:

  • I enjoy talking with women and asking questions to get to know them better
  • Women enjoy talking with me because I know how to show interest in them
  • I have the utmost respect for all women

It’s easy to create your own affirmations that you can use on a daily basis. Read your affirmations to yourself throughout the day especially in the morning right after you get up and at night right before you go to bed. You’ll be amazed after a while at what they will do for your self-confidence with women.

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When you see someone you would like to meet, approach her immediately before any fear has time to set it. Hesitation is failure’s best friend. If you want to meet her you have to act, and act now. Hesitation allows those voices in the back of your mind to start telling you reasons you shouldn’t walk over to her at strike up a conversation.

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Discover How To Build Rock-Solid Confidence With Women So You Can Finally Be The Confident, Self- Assured Man That Women Deeply Desire

Do your best to look your best

Appearance really is that important in terms of attraction. Although it’s also a result of other factors such as body language and voice tone, what you wear is her first impression of you.It goes without saying that the better you look, the better your chances of connecting with her. Therefore you should invest in your appearance to a level you feel confident and comfortable about it. It’s still true what the old saying tells us, “clothes make the man”. While you don’t have to wear a suit or sports coat, the better your look, the better your confidence and the better your chances are of making that connection.

Seek help from friends:

Surround yourself with successful people, those who you can model your actions after, the fastest way to learn is by observing a role model. When you’re around people who succeed with women you slowly become successful with women yourself. When you’re with someone who has that much confidence with women it’ll affect you too! You’ll start to feel more confident with women yourself.

You are what you believe you are. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long”. When you develop a positive attitude about your confidence with women or even life! Your chances to succeed are 80% higher. Empower yourself and talk positively about your progress and the skill set you’re about to achieve.

11. Fake it till you make it:

Our body language is always influenced by the inner feeling. What not many people know the effect works both ways. Change in body language leads to changing the inner feeling. It is much easier to change your body language than thoughts. So you adopt body movements of people that have high self-confidence around women. Slowly it will affect your feeling and feel more confident when you attract women.

12. Enjoy the challenge:

Remember the first affirmation above, “I enjoy talking with women and asking questions to get to know them better”? Notice the second word, enjoy. Enjoy your time with women, getting to know them, her desires and aspirations, her character and moods, her likes and dislikes. If this is one your affirmations, this will come naturally as you will have trained your brain to harbor these qualities. Keep in mind how you want to treat the woman of your choice and include that in your affirmations.

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Learn to understand, strategies and methods that help you attract women. Better still, you will feel authentic while you’re doing it!



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Build Self Confidence With Women

Build Self Confidence With Women

Building self confidence with women is a concern every man has and few men can conquer. Considering that, building self confidence with women is not as tough as it may seem and with a little advice contained within these pages, you can help yourself tremendously.

self confidence with women

You’re the Man! Prove It!!

When it comes to either dating or just dealing with a lady, self-confidence is one of the most important traits a man can possess. Women often equate “self confidence” with success. While many males believe that ladies look for successful men because they have more to offer monetarily, that isn’t always the case. Self-confidence is more appealing because women see it as a sign of security and stability.

Since a secure and stable man is less likely to look for love elsewhere, a man with more self-confidence appears more appealing because he is less likely to seek affection in places other than home. In a romantic relationship that means a guy will probably be less likely to cheat, or change jobs often or get himself into any type of other compromising situations.

Self confidence with women

When it comes to self confidence, it appears there are two kinds of people – those who have it and others who need it. Although on the surface this might be true, everyone to some extent is already “self-confident” in their own area of expertise. Almost all are motivated to find more of it when dealing with women, which would make it a prudent thing to learn how to achieve and build the self-confidence you have.

The very best way to start, especially if you have none, to begin with, is to start with affirmations. You can find them on this site at Motivational Quotes For Affirmations Of Self Confidence. If you just repeat these affirmations to yourself every morning and night, it will change your mindset to increase your self-confidence and you’ll find yourself doing it without realizing it consciously. Continue reading through the posts in this category and the material offered within and before you know it, you’ll be building self confidence with women.

Self confidence with women

Once you start on your affirmations you’ll soon find out that your self confidence in women is going to build and grow on its own without you having to consciously try all the time to keep increasing it. Keep in mind that what you can’t allow entering into your mind is fear, as fear is the enemy of self confidence. The two cannot exist together. Where there’s fear there can be no self confidence. You have to guard against letting fear drive your self-confidence away.

When fear tries to enter, that’s when it’s time to fall back on your affirmations. Affirmations like,

  • I always feel comfortable around women.
  • I enjoy conversing with women.
  • I enjoy being with women.
  • I’m confident in my actions when I’m with a woman.
  • I always treat women with the utmost respect.
  • I’m always on my best behavior when I’m with a woman.
  • Women enjoy being with me because I always show interest in their cares and worries.
  • I enjoy talking about the woman I’m with instead of talking about me.
  • I want to know about her desires and deepest wishes.
  • I enjoy showing her how much I care about her.
  • When I’m with a woman, I love to show her that she’s the only one in my world at that time.
  • I’m always open to subliminal messages from her to give me signs that she’s interested in me.
  • I always respect when she says NO and never push it any farther.

With affirmations backing you up by reinforcing your behavior and being in control of your fears, all the self-confidence in the world that you need is yours to have.



self confidence with women

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confidence with women AFFIRMATIONS ARE THE KEY




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Self-Confidence With Women – The Real Method to Get Women Interested

Self-Confidence With Women

Having self-confidence with women and establishing strategies to attract girls with a self-confident attitude is essential for dating. Attracting women is all about acquiring that self-assured mind-set. By projecting a confident and bold image an ordinary man can get gorgeous and attractive ladies interested in him. Read on to find out some of the great ways.

  : Full body shot of a couple hugging and flirting, wearing jeans. Isolated on white background. High resolution studio image confidence with women

Who the heck am I and why should you listen to what I have to say about confidence?

I’m a dating trainer living in California and I’ve studied many different styles of “pickup” from mystery methods, direct methods, indirect methods, NLP and some hypno-techniques. I have spent a lot of time and energy gaining this knowledge. I have found one thing to be true in almost all of the different styles and training offered, they all need confidence to really be successful. They may not always say it strait up but a typical and ordinary dude needs this confidence to approach women regardless of method. I generally believe in meaning and method over flashy maneuvers. Not to disparage, “tricks” should be employed to put “polish” on a “game” but people need the basics first; and the most basic and necessary of all of the things a guy needs to know is confidence with women.

How can you create a winning and confident mind-set?

The very first step in developing confidence is to create a positive frame of mind in regards to failure. It is a fact that people sometimes fail when they approach females. Think about baseball. If a guy gets a hit 4 out of 10 times at bat consistently, he is a “Rock-star”, bound for fame and fortune. For women it is similar. If you get 4-10 women interested you are doing quite well. Like anything you need to work at it and will get better over time. You need to get a thick skin where it comes to approaching women and not let it influence your self-assurance.

Why do women like confident men?

It mainly has to do with the perception of status. Women want to view their man or prospective man as important. They want someone who is worthy of their respect and admiration. It is not that you are not worthy of this if you lack confidence, just that she will not realize it. It is really a primal thing, coming from deep within a woman’s emotional brain. All women desire an “alpha male” or a leader, even if they are quite successful themselves. The easiest way for a man to display this is through confidence. This emotion is not something that most women can control either. It is an emotional reaction. Her logical brain may very well be interested nice and sweet guys but her emotional side will always be irresistibly drawn to a confident charmer.

Confidence Does Not Mean Talking About Me

Self confidence with women does not mean that you have to express your own virtues to get women interested in you. True self confidence means that you don’t have to express your own virtues. The best way to get women interested in you is to be interested in them. The best way to do this, again, is to ask questions about her. Ask about her interests, what she does for a living, where she got her education, what motivates her and what likes to do. To get a women interested in you, you must first show interest in her. A man with sufficient self confidence with women never needs to boast about their own accomplishments as he knows she will learn about them in due time.

 : Full body shot of a couple hugging and flirting, wearing jeans. Isolated on white background. High resolution studio image self confidence with women

 : Loling man and beautiful girl in a bed on white background self confidence with women

Build Your Certainty

Tips to Gain More Self Confidence With Women

Gain More Self-Confidence With Women

If you’re one of those who’s always shy and an introverted when you’re around females, chances are, you’re looking for ways to build your self-confidence with women. The most common problem which guys have around women is that they believe they’re simply not good enough for that woman. And that is more than likely, the root cause of their rejection.   This is because when you’re worried you’re not good enough, you end up projecting a poor self-image which will tell most any woman that you’re not that great of a prospect for a mate. Women are more tuned into the image a man projects with his actions and emotions. Who would go for a guy who doesn’t think much of himself?

confidence with women brings you your dream date

Inside this one-of-a-kind comprehensive resource, you’ll get… 7 Quick “Clearing” Techniques to help you rid yourself of old negative beliefs – so you STOP sabotaging your own success with women NOW (with negative beliefs, nothing else I show you – or anything you ever do, will take you very far.) A Complete Set of Instant Likability Triggers which will create instant warmth and affectionate feelings from women – even if you’ve been hesitant or shy before… My 21 “Must Have” Confident Conversation Power Tools – which will make you a master at talking with women in a way that gets them turned-on and intrigued about getting to know you more deeply…And get her to look up to you as “unusually” cool. (No more awkward silences. You’ll never be at a loss for words again.) 8 Ways To Create Instant Authority – which give her the feeling of being safe, trusting, and admiring of you. 11 Party Domination Tactics to answer the need so many have – how to easily OWN the room and be the guy everyone wants to meet…even if you’re totally shy or nervous in social situations. And, if you’ve ever been awkward at the end of a date wondering how to “close”, you’ll get 4 Commanding Doorstep “Good Night” Reframes (which either make her want to kiss you, or help you turn brush-offs into actual kisses) My commitment to developing this system Is to give you EVERY tool you need in EVERY situation, so that you can act confidently, and attract women consistently.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an inflated ego but most women hate arrogant, narcissistic men, so you need to project the image that you’re comfortable in your own skin! Here are 5 tips for you to gain self-confidence with women! Armed with these, it would be really hard to go wrong!

Ground Rules For More Self-Confidence With Women

Relax – When you are around girls or the girl of your dreams, you need to learn to relax. Easier said than done I know, but you can try to concentrate on your posture and try relaxing your tense muscles. The last thing you want to do is to think about what you can’t do. Instead, think about what you can do.

self confidence with women

You Remember That Girl Who Caught Your Eye, but You NEVER Approached? You’re About to Discover the Exact Steps to Meet & Attract Her

When thinking about what you can’t do, you’re letting fear enter into the equation, which is the last thing you want to happen. Fear is the opposite of confidence. It’s its enemy. The two can’t co-exist. So keep in mind what you’re good at doing, whether it’s playing a video game, sports, or even doing homework, think of your feelings when you’re doing that particular thing and transfer that confidence to your approach with women.

Smile – When you’re approaching her, smile and have no preconceptions of her reactions. Don’t expect that she’s going to say yes to you and more importantly, don’t expect that she is going to refuse you! Your only goal at this point is to learn more about her. A smile is a sign of confidence. It’s the first that a woman sees and it speaks volumes about the confidence you bring with you.

Build More Self-Confidence With Women

If you’re serious about gaining more self-confidence with women and not just around women, you should try taking interest in a special woman to increase your knowledge and understanding of her. This will build up your relationship with her. Nothing works better than this. This helps you stay in a positive frame of mind and that reflects a confident attitude when you’re talking to women.

Try taking Yoga. Yoga is especially nice when you take a class because one of the best places to meet women is in a yoga class. Usually, around 85%-90% of the class are women which make it a great place to practice building your self-confidence with women.

Stay Positive – Whenever you’re around women, instead of thinking negatively (about all your bad qualities), think positively of all your good qualities, your strengths so to speak. This will make you feel more comfortable and at ease and it is a well-known fact that women like easy-going guys!

Beware of this through as you don’t want to boast about your good qualities, as that’s a sign of arrogance and most women are turned off by arrogance. Quiet confidence in your good qualities is a much better sign of your inner strengths.

No Doubts – Last but not least, don’t let self-doubts enter your mind when you are about to approach her. Don’t spend hours debating on whether you should or you shouldn’t. JUST DO IT. And do it before all those negative thoughts come rushing into your head! Negativity is the enemy of confidence because it brings on fear. Remember, fear and confidence can’t co-exist. The first step is often the hardest to take, but after you do, it becomes easier with every step thereafter.

Gaining more self-confidence with women is not that hard, you just need to stay calm and most importantly, enjoy her company. Instead of deprecating yourself all the time, try appreciating yourself. You’ll be amazed at the results!

__________________STUD STUDIES:_________________

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confidence with women

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Always Minding What Diet Can Do

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If you’re serious about your kids competing at their best, learn how to feed them to be their best. If your food is tainted, their performance will be tainted. Feed them clean food and they can’t help but get a good performance out of it. It helps to read the first in the series, It’s Time for a Cure.