How to Improve Self Confidence At Work

Improve Self Confidence At Work

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The ability to improve self-confidence at work can be a fragile thing, even in the best of times. It’s often something that’s not easily achieved and when this happens it can take time to get started. A lot of people try to improve their self-confidence at work but encounter only setbacks. Here are five easy ways on how to improve self-confidence at work.

1. Silence your inner critic

We all have an inner critic. For some people. it’s a mere whisper that is barely heard. For others, it’s a constant din. If you suffer from a nagging voice that’s always putting you down then it’s time to do something about it. Start by realizing that it’s you creating the inner critic. So if you’re creating that voice in your head, you can get rid of it. No matter how improbable that seems at first. Chances are that it’s talking to you in a tone of voice that would raise your heckles if anyone spoke to you that way in real life. I know you’ve heard it said that your worst critic is you. Well, guess what? It’s true. Your self-criticism is what’s holding you back more than anything else. If that criticism comes from a co-employee, acknowledge it, validate it, and work to improve it. If it’s coming from you, take inventory of what you do right and what you’re doing wrong. Work to change what you’re doing wrong so you can eliminate that criticism. How do you know right from wrong? Read on…

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2.  Educate Yourself

If you’re going to improve self-confidence at work, education is the essential, especially at work. Knowing how your department works, how everything works together and how to fix whatever breaks down is key to self-confidence at work. Educate yourself on what different departments do and for what they are responsible. In doing this you not only set yourself up to understand your company’s inner workings, you also make yourself invaluable as a “go-to” employee. Whenever there’s a problem, it’s you everybody looks to, to solve it. This means not only educating you in your company’s inner workings, you have to educate yourself as to how each job in each department works with the other jobs in that department. You need to understand what makes each department “tick” so you can repair whatever breaks down. If you know how to repair the breakdowns, your self-confidence at work can do nothing but increase.

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3.  Develop a “can do” attitude

This is actually fairly easy to do at work. If you’re going to improve self-confidence at work for yourself, a positive attitude is always the best way to get there. Attitude is everything. So you don’t spend your time worrying and spend your time doing and finding ways to get the job done. Stop saying “I can’t” and replace that with “I can”.  Then, obviously, you’ll be more able to deliver on what you’ve promised. Because if you followed through on the last step, deep down you know you’re perfectly capable.

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4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

School teaches us that we’re on our own – it’s up to us to pass all the exams, etc. But at work, there’s a good chance that there are other people you can call on to help you. Not all the time. And not for the simpler things in your job. But if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask someone else to help you out. And don’t be afraid to offer help to them in their hour of need. We all get times when we’re stuck and a second mind makes all the difference. A fresh pair of eyes is often all that’s needed to get you back on track and producing work that you – and your boss – will be proud of.

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5. Don’t let your self-confidence turn into arrogance

Arrogance is false self-confidence and is displayed by those who really don’t have much self-confidence. They use arrogance to cover up their own inadequacies. Arrogance has a tendency to use verbal intimidation to get across their point, more than anything else. If you want to prove yourself, your actions will always speak louder than your words. Your “can-do” attitude will always get you farther in the workplace than arrogance. So always keep in mind that arrogance is not self-confidence. It’s actually a sign of a lack of self-confidence. Keeping in mind these five simple things will help to improve your self-confidence at work.   For more education and information see the following:



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