The Power of Confidence for Athletes


We’ll show you why confidence for athletes is so important for the success of the athlete in his/her particular field of endeavor. More than that, we’ll show you how your can start to achieve more self confidence for yourself. …

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Steps to Achieve Self Confidence

A guide on how Self Confidence is achieved.


We’ve all heard the phrase fake it till you make it. Is it just an overblown cliche or something that you can really apply to improve your self confidence?…

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How To Build Self Confidence At Work

Developing self confidence at work is vital for your work relationships, career and financial success. You need to project a personality of confidence with your supervisor or employees. It doesn’t matter what your job is – you and they need …

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Parents Roles in Boosting Kids’ Confidence in Sports

Have you ever worried about building your kids’ confidence in sports?




Thirty years ago, when I played football, hockey, golf, and lacrosse year round, our dad was an enthusiastic sports parent. He often preached to us …

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How to Build Confidence in Sports For Your Kids

When attempting to build confidence in sports for your kids, you need to realize that it doesn’t have to be inspired by past success. It could, but it’s not required. The moment you think it has to originate from previous …

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Being Self Confident In The Work Place

Being self confident in the work place is the most important aspect for success in any career. Those lacking it will always be lacking the success they set out to achieve when embarking on their career. Those who have it, …

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How Women Can Boost Their Self Confidence,

Have more self confidence women, can not only help save your career, it can save your relationship as well.  When a woman suffers from a need to have more self-confidence it affects her love relationship in a myriad of ways …

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Confidence in Public Speaking

How To Gain Confidence in Public Speaking

A lot of people tell me that they would like to have more confidence in public speaking, or that they would like to be able to “speak with more confidence”. If you ever …

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Public Speaking – How to Speak With Confidence

Are you one of those who experience anxiety when you speak in public. While it’s true that both skilled speakers and novice speakers experience the same thing, the difference is in how they use it when they speak because of …

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How to Boost Confidence in Public Speaking

It’s unusual to find people who possess excellent oratory skills and still be timid in front of a crowd. Those with the great skills are the ones who’ve been practicing for a lot longer. The more you practice the more …

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How to Have More Self-Confidence with Women

Self confidence is one of the most important traits you can posses, especially if you’re looking to attract more women. Self confidence is simply being comfortable being you, knowing that you are good enough and that you have something to …

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How to Build Confidence With Women

Is Your Focus On The Right Thing?

Playfully sexy stock photo

What are your goals when you first meet a woman? Are you trying to impress her? If you’re having trouble, it’s probably due to your lack of confidence with women. How can …

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